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Siouxsie Sioux and Steven Severin reunite for Hannibal premiere!
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By post-punk


Siouxsie Sioux and Steven Severin  warmed the ice between them to collaborate on several record release projects together recently, including: the final four Banshees reissues, a cover story in Mojo, an introductory compilation, and a RSD edition of the second Banshees’ album “Join Hands”.

Today, at the premiere of Hannibal Season three, old friend to the Banshees’ Marc Almond tweeted the following picture:

This may be the first time the two founding members of Siouxsie and the Banshees have appeared together in public in nearly 13 years!.

Hannibal showrunner Brian Fuller tweeted his enthusiasm in serving his legendary Post-Punk guests a meal fitting for the occasion:

I think it is safe to say that after seeing these two back together after so long—that now, more than ever, We Hunger for another Banshee’s reunion.

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London 1977: By day Phil Munnoch was a mild-mannered copywriter working for an ad agency in the heart of the city. He was neat, he was clean, he looked smart in his collar and tie, sharp pressed trousers and bright, shiny shoes. But Phil had a secret that he kept from his colleagues. At the end of each working day, like some postmodern superhero Phil would change out of his work clothes into tight fitting bondage trousers, studded dog collar and badge-covered plastic jacket to become his punk alter ego Captain Zip.

Captain Zip hung out with the other punks who idly wandered up and down the King’s Road every evening. He enjoyed the freedom, the camaraderie, the sense of adventure and the sound of punk music blaring out of shop radios. Zip was older than these young punk rock fans and was wise enough to know he was a part of something very, very important.

Being part of the gang allowed Munnoch access to film his friends and acquaintances and between 1978 and 1981, in the guise of Captain Zip, Munnoch documented the street life of punks on the King’s Road. In the 1980s, Munnoch collected the first eight of these Super-8 home movies together to make the short documentary film Death Is Their Destiny that captured the subculture of punks in London.




Some background to Phil Munnoch and his Super-8 films from an ITV insert circa 2007, in which he meets up with one of the young punks he filmed, Ann Wobble. Look out for a young mohican-haired Boy George around 1:20 minutes in.


The Mission guitarist Simon Hinkler on playing Bearded Theory
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By Derby Telegraph  |
The Mission are playing at the Bearded Theory festival on Friday.

 The Mission are playing at the Bearded Theory festival on Friday.
The Mission are playing at the Bearded Theory festival on Friday.

GOTH rockers the Mission say fans can expect to hear all the old favourites when they make a rare live appearance at the Bearded Theory music festival next week.

The band are headlining the main stage on Friday night and guitarist Simon Hinkler said: "There are some songs that we have to do as people would be disappointed if we didn't.

"We only got back together a few years ago with the original line-up and it was decided that we didn't want to play any of that material made after we had left the band.

"However, this time we're going to pull out a few of the better ones from when we weren't in the band.

"We also did an album a year or so ago so we'll play music from that."

The festival begins at Catton Hall in South Derbyshire on Thursday and Simon said he was excited about performing.

"It's always good to do festivals or any gigs," he said. "We're a pretty good festival band, we tend to go down well with the crowd.

"It's a gig, you do the best you can, you have a good time, and the audience have a good time. That's the whole point really, music is something fun to do with your life.

"I've said that to people over the years, if you not doing it for fun don't bother doing it."

The original line-up of The Mission reformed back in 2010 and Simon has loved being back in the band.

He said: "When you start out doing things, you're living on instinct – everything is sort of in the moment.

"The first few years we were together, it was insane the amount of things that we achieved in that time.

"Now we've got back together, everyone is confident in what everyone does.

"We get together three times a year for normally two or three weeks at a time.

"Back in the 80s we spent five years solid where we barely parted company and it becomes a bit strained.

"On the whole, the history is good and, when you've been through that together, there's a bond that you're always going to have."

Unlike the way they worked in the 80s, the band only spent a month on their latest album release.

"It's a lot simpler now a days than it used to be," said Simon.

"When we were signed, there was always someone breathing down your neck about the recording process and we'd tell them where to go.

"We didn't conform to what they wanted. We've got a reputation for being awkward with the record label!

"There is talk about doing another record and it will be something completely different."

It will be the band's first appearance at Bearded Theory and Simon did not appear completely sold on its name.

He said: "It's probably the most ridiculous festival name that I've ever heard. I almost find it embarrassing to say sometimes.

"When I say that we're playing Bearded Theory, everyone always says what?!"

But Simon is not averse to wearing some fuzz on his face.

"I tend to wear a beard most of the time just because I'm lazy!" he said.

"People are so ridiculously opposed to them. It's nonsense really! When it comes to beards, I think who cares?"


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