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Summon the Others !


Subkulture is the Home of Subkulture Magazine , The Eternal Death Wake (EDW) Festival , Subkulture Records and Subkulture Radio.

Subkulture is a Fraternal Organization which supports Goth-related Music & Culture from around the Globe.

Tracing it's roots to Manila, The Philippines. Subkulture began in the early 90's as an exclusive Goth club of close knitted friends who shared an affinity for bands like the Cure and Bauhaus, spearheaded by Gerard Runeschadow Delarosa an avid record collecter and Goth DJ from the 80s.  

It later developed into a roving club in the metropolis, Klub Gargoyle was born out of this and it's reputation grew, known to be the first roving goth club in Manila, Subkulture denizens began appearing in numbers significant enough to be noticed by the media, hereon the dispossesed have finally found their home.


Subkulture is dedicated in supporting the Global Dark Underground through all it's activities.


Subkulture would like to thank all the artists , sponsors ,and our  team who supported our events in the past decade.


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