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Fear Incorporated


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Theatre Macabre,Avant Garde Music.
Fear Incorporated Discography:
2010 Sawneys Cave CD album-plastic Frog Records
2011 Dying To Get Out CD single-widows peak records
2012 Phobos CD album-Manic Depression Records
2010-HorrorPunks video compilation with 'Land Of The Dead'
2010-OX magazine CD compilation with 'Land Of The Dead'
2010 Horrorpunks download compilation with 'Two Black Hearts'
2012 OX magazine CD compilation with 'Dying To Get Out'
2012 Manic Depression Records Bipolar Sounds dwonload VOl 1 with 'Spooked'
2012 Horrorpunks download compilation with 'The Tender Prey' 
DEBUT ALBUM 'SAWNEY'S CAVE' AVAILABLE NOW ON PLASTIC FROG RECORDS:www.plasticfrogrecords.comFear Incorporated:
A new album 'PHOBOS' was released on MANIC DEPRESSION RECORDS in 2012 and reached the top 20 in the European Alternative Charts.
In March 2013 Zorch Factory Records released 'DEVILISH BROOD' a 6 track download-with out-takes from the 'Sawney's Cave' album


Candi World

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Official Facebook Page: Razor Candi

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CANDI WORLD is a company established in the late summer - fall of 2012 and is the brain-child of several friends experienced in various fields ranging from fashion, photography, art, modeling to business and logistics who are looking for a challenge in the one scene that brings us together, the underground fetish fashion scene.
For us image and art are everything and that's why our team is spear-headed by none other than the internationally established alternative model Razorcandi. Know for her versatility, creativeness and originality she is deeply involved in this new project and uses our items for what she does best, modeling!
We invite you to browse through our gallery to see her display of our items through her artistic interpretations.
CANDI WORLD seeks to become established as a serious, accessible and transparent provider of high quality yet affordable fetish oriented clothing and accessories.
Starting off with PVC corsets we seek to soon expand into a broader range of items ranging from every form of PVC and rubber clothing all the way to specific fetish accessories to meet the needs of anyone with an inclination towards the fetish lifestyle.
Being a young company our history is yet to be told but we're bold, confident and young, our staff is eager to take on the challenges of a new business and under the guidance of experienced business people combined with the appeal of our wonderful icon we're hopeful that you will join us in writing our history!
If you want to reach us for inquiries, questions or suggestions please do so by using the following info:
To keep up with our endeavor check back with our website regularly and you can also follow us on our social media sites:
A few words from our muse and the face of our company, Razorcandi:
“For those who know me I know this must come as a surprise, a business?! Razorcandi…the sales woman?! Haha But the truth is that this is one of the most exciting projects I've ever been involved in. I love to find outlets for my creativity, be it through modeling, photography, styling and painting and now this project will bring all that together and also provide tangible items available for everyone. Many will not choose “fetish” to describe me perhaps, but I believe that the fetish scene provides an intimate knowledge of oneself and fetish fashion feels like the right field for me to keep on expressing myself. For those of you who do not know me I hope you will take time to check out my sets and for those of you who already know me I hope that the essence of my past work was not missed and that you can look at my new work with an open mind and heart.”


Your Guide To San Francisco Underworld

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Joan V




Born and raised in Winnipeg , MB , Canada , Joan is a Mature Published , Professional Alternative Model , with over 20 years of modeling experience. She began amateur modeling at the age of 18 , in the Petite mainstream genre , but realized that her Gothic / Punk rock lifestyle , love of the music , culture and fashion , was her " True Self" , and made the transition to Alternative Modeling in her mid-20's.
She was also in a Punk rock band called "The Strange Neighbors" , from 1983 to 1988, singing vocals and playing keyboards.
Her love of Alt Fashion , and being in front of the camera since 18 years of age , gives her her true sense of creative expression in photographic art and modeling!
Joan's favorite modeling genres are : Goth , Punk , Metal , Victorian , Steampunk , Visual Kei, Lolita, Glam , Fashion , Cosplay ,and Fetish.
Now at age 46 , she works hard to keep herself in good shape , and plans on modeling for as long as she possibly can! : ) It is still a great passion of hers , and she loves every minute of it! She is currently a member of Goth/Industrial Band , Groit! (Keyboardist) , & a Radio Talk Show Host for TMV Cafe Internet Radio's Program , "Mental Candy"!
She is now a featured model for Alternative Models by Entity International , as well as Gorgeous Freaks , Necronos/Mutilador Models, Merciless Models, Morbidly Divine Models, & Peroxide and Garlic International Alternative Models . Soon to join DeadBabes E-Zine!
Alternative fashion sites where her photos can be found are : Ms Purdy on Etsy , Retroscope Fashions , Supervixens Boudoir Photography , Recollections, Art of Adornnment, and De Poppenkraal. She will be featured this year on Hungover Empire Alternative Clothing, Blanche's Place,Atropine`s Oddities, Azrael's Accomplice Designs Website, Taissa Lada Accessories, & Gothic-Fusion Jewelry! She will also be on the cover of Bobbi Style's next CD album and Promo Video release this year.
Joan V recently won Gothic Lolita Wigs Alternative Spokesmodel Category on June 12, 2012 , and she will be modelling their wigs from 2012 to 2013!
Joan is also a classically trained musician , and plays the piano , harpsichord, pipe organ , and electronic keyboards.
Joan is available for photo shoot bookings on a flexible schedule and compensation basis! (TF included!) : )

JOAN V'S LINKS : - Mental Candy Internet Radio Show, "Mental Candy".