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Summon the Others !

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Eternal Death Wake 10 ! 2 Countries one Celebration !

Brethren come and celebrate with us!  


The Eternal Death Wake (EDW) 10

Annual Goth Festival is upon us !  10 Years * 2 Countries * 1 Dark Celebration !


*Venue 1 : SATURDAY NOV.3 at the Rockit Room ,San Francisco USA , #406 Clement Street San Francisco, CA 94118 :

*Venue 2 : OCT. 31 at B-side Open Air Fest. #. 7274 Malugay St , Makati City , Philippines.




Bat Nouveau EP Release Party at Requiem - Saturday, November 24th


Bat Nouveau EP Release Party at Requiem - Saturday, November 24th! Enter for your chance to win your very own copy of Bat Nouveau’s new EP “What Has Been Now”!
You can expect to hear the very best of TradGoth, Post Punk, Deathrock, 80’s New Wave, Goth Rock, and Dark Rock.
Requiem would like to congratulate our October giveaway winners: Hector Marroquin, Sally Dee, and Pythos! Enjoy your copy of Guilty Strangers new CD “Oracle”.
We look forward to seeing you all again next month on the 24th!
^v^ See you then! ^V^

Lacrimosa – Lichtjahre DVD (2012)


German gothic metal pioneers Lacrimosa released Lichtjahre back in 2007 in Europe as a video testimony of the band’s tour in Europe, their second visit to Mexico, and first time in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. To celebrate the re-release of the double live album Lichtjahre in the United States under The End Of Light Records on May 8th. Our friends at The End Of Light Records had give us a copy of the DVD under the same name that is the visual testimony of the tour where the double live album was record.

Lichtjahre is a such of good visual experience of what Lacrimosa is live, behind the stage and with their fans. The DVD starts by telling part of the story of the band members and their role in Lacrimosa‘s music along the years. It also documents the putting together of a Lacrimosa show during the European leg of the 2006 Lichtgestalt tour, you would see the work of their crew to create what the band would show every night live. From lighting, sound, decoration, and stage preparation.

After the shows in Europe, the band did a mini tour in Mexico, the band played in cities like Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mexico City. This part of the DVD takes you to the experience of the fans on how big and relevant the band was and still is in Mexico. The reception of the band and their reaction to it, the passion of the Mexican fans towards the band and the influence of Lacrimosa in the gothic culture on this part of the world.

But the testimony of Lichtjahre don’t stop here, it continues to places whereLacrimosa‘s music had expand during many years, the far east. Their reception for the first time in places like China, Taiwan and Hong Kong was massive, and this took the band by surprise. The lines of fans waiting to meet Tilo and Anne at record store signings were interminable, and the shows of the band in Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei and Hong Kong were nearly sold out. The DVD closes with a retrospective look to the important moments lived by the band around this countries and the reactions from the band members to the impact that Lacrimosa had not only there but wherever their music is listen.

The DVD is on its mostly on German language, but the images captured on it break any language barrier to show the impact of Lacrimosa in the lives of their fans that see their life touched by the band’s music. Lichtjahre is not only the documentation of the 2006 Lichtgestalt tour, but a glimpse of Lacrimosa’s life on the road, before, during, and after show. As their interaction with their fan base around the world.

ON A DIFFERENT NOTE: The Cult really cooking on ‘Choice of Weapon’

By Ken Kolasinski


The Cult, in support of their new CD "Choice of Weapon," will play the Electric Factory on Sunday, June 10.


“I think that album does have its moments,” conceded Duffy, who’ll appear with the Cult this Sunday at the Electric Factory. “It was an entirely different situation, where we tried to kind of do it in a set, short time period.

“Me and Ian had just gotten back together. We hadn’t done the hours on the road to really get everything going again and then, bang, we were in the studio.”

For “Choice of Weapon,” the band paced itself, with a series of recording sessions in New York, Los Angeles and the California desert between July and December of last year.

“We took a breather between sessions,” said Duffy. “It really wasn’t forced. I think we took a very forensic approach to it.

“Me and Ian kind of lock ourselves in a room and almost forensically go about seeing what we have. He’ll tell me he wants to hear everything I have, every riff. He then sees what he has lyrically and we start to see what will work together, what fits together nicely.”

Interestingly, that process sometimes takes far longer than you’d think for Duffy and Astbury, who have been working together for three decades. Despite the immediateness of the album, one song, “The Wolf” has been hanging around for some time.

“I had the main riff for years,” said Duffy. “I played it for Ian early on and he wasn’t impressed. We did something with it and it just didn’t work.

“It kept hanging around, though, in this almost torturous way. We just couldn’t get it right. During these sessions, Ian sang some lyrics to it and I was like ‘Wow!’ What he did with it in that moment was exactly that sound I think I was looking for with it. It was quite a labor of love to make that song happen.

“It isn’t the most important song on the album and it’s isn’t the least important song on the album. But it was a real example of how Ian and me work and come together.