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New label for Sisters Of Mercy ?


New label for Sisters Of Mercy ?

Every now and then, the gothic network is waking up with cheers as a new album and single from Sisters Of Mercy is being announced. Also last week this was the case as several mailinglists announced a new album and single from the UK cult act. Allas, once again it was a rehashing of the good old news that has been on the band's official webpage for ages now. But what the rumours did not tell was that apparently the band would be negociating with the brand new Universal sublabel W14 Music. It was a source close to the label who informed us that the band was contacted and that talks had started. For your info, W14 Music will become the vehicle for Universal to re-launch old glories such as Siouxsie or Level 42 on a larger scale. Siouxsie will release a new album on W14 Music, next year. For Sisters Of Mercy it might be their best shot ever to get back into the public's attention. The band has not released any new material since 1993's "Under the Gun". The band did not reply to questions from the editorial staff. More news as we get it confirmed.