🔴 New Goth Music! Summer & Fall 2022 Releases

List of releases covered in this video: https://cadaverkelly.com/2022/12/28/new-goth-releases-summer-fall-2022/
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Artists mentioned: The Ire, Cold Showers, Hex Cassette, London Plane, Hexheart, Nature Nvoke, Tears for the Dying, Sleeping Pills, October Burns Black, Monoplan, Death Bells, Black Light District, Soma Cake, Vandal Moon, The Secret Experiment, Lolly Gaggers, Curse Mackey, Bloody Dead And Sexy, The Soft Moon, Kill Scenes, Order in Chaos, THE VACANT LOTS, Chemical Waves, NITE, Vision Video, IAMTHESHADOW, The Burying Kind, Panic Priest, Secret Shame, Soft Kill, Pitch After Dark, Death Comes Crawling, False Figure, Minuit Machine, The Secret French Postcards, Sirens Of Light, SINE, Blank Picture, VAZUM, A Projection, Alex Sindrome, Corlyx, pMad


Comments (12) on “🔴 New Goth Music! Summer & Fall 2022 Releases”

  1. Thank you so much for all the videos this year & I can't wait to see what's coming up for your channel in 2023 keep up the good work 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I hope you, your family & friends all had a nice holiday 🥃 Sláinte

  2. I think my New Year's resolution should be to revitalize my old CD collection with new goth music. This and your previous videos will be a great place to start! The format reminds me somewhat of searching for music back in the late '90s, pouring through short album descriptions in mail order catalogues or magazines to take a chance on CDs that might match my preferences. Fortunately now we can look up these artists online and sample their music beforehand!

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