🔴 New Goth Music! Winter 2020 Releases

My review of “Ceremony” by Twin Tribes: —List of releases from this video (in order they appeared): …

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  1. Lots of great bands to check out! I appreciate that you gave breif descriptions of the style and what type of fans would like the band. I find that helpful in a description. Now I need to.go check out your recommendations. Thanks for uploading.🕸️💀🦇

  2. Thank you so much for making this video! I am a harder goth rock and deathrock kind of gal and it's cool as hell to see some of those type of bands being represented. I will definitely be ordering some music from these groups!

  3. Thank you so much for making this video! I've been in a more heavy metal headspace lately, so I haven't really been paying attention to the awesome new Goth music! Yesss! Scary Black! I'm from Louisville Kentucky, so I always get really excited when bands from around are getting recognized.

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