1 hour of Dark Country Southern gothic Western Rock Part 1 2 720p

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  1. This nice man named Harry Heck came into the cafe and played this song for me. He says he wrote it just for me too. I think he really likes me. I sure hope this relationship ends up real well. He's got a neat car too, not as cool as mine, but let's say, hypothetically, if I wrecked mine, I wouldn't mind driving his.

  2. That first one… A stranger walks silently at 3:14 am, didn't order drink or food, just sit and sing and play on his guitar. He smells like dust and rotten wood. You fight with sleep wobbling over a glass of whiskey and listen song after song. Suddenly there is silence, you look around and see only bartender dozing in his spot and stranger is gone as first ray of rising sun touched him.
    When the day has come, you tell yourself he left when you fell asleep for a while, but you know it's not true. You asked bartender who was that guy and when he left but man looks at you as if you are crazy and said 'there was only me and you, you fecking drunkard'.