10 Goth Bands Featuring Black Musicians on Bandcamp

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund:

New Goth Music Releases for Spring 2020:

Bands featured in this video:
1. Bastet: https://bastet.bandcamp.com/
2. Fearing: https://fearing.bandcamp.com/
3. NATURE: https://futurenowrecords.bandcamp.com/music
4. O. Children: https://ochildren.bandcamp.com/music
5. Pitch After Dark: https://pitchafterdark.bandcamp.com/releases
6. Scary Black: https://scaryblack.bandcamp.com/
7. Shadow Age: https://shadowage.bandcamp.com/
8. Sisters of Shaddowwe: https://sistersofshaddowwe.bandcamp.com/
9. The Ire: https://theire.bandcamp.com/
10. The Wraith: https://thewraithpunk.bandcamp.com/

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  1. I've seen a few of your videos. I've never seen a mention of UK Decay. They started as a punk band but by the time of their LP 'For Madmen Only' were considered goth or positive punk in the UK. A following 12" 'Rising From The Dread" cemented this. The track 'Werewolf' is a masterpiece and over 10 minutes long! I was lucky enough to have seen them in 1982 a few times. They also had a black bassist, Eddie Branch, on these releases. Check them out if you have not heard them.

  2. Not sure if you heard of us but another band with a Black singer is BlaK SundaY. We're on bandcamp and also if you to my YouTube page you can find our music there.
    This video was awesome and i love The Wraith and just recently got into Fearing.

  3. Check out Spellling! Spelt with 3 L’s, she’s black and makes super cool witchy, dreamy, synthy, art pop… hard to label, reminds me of a gothed out Mazzy Star in synth land plus some Kate Bush influence haha

  4. Thanks a lot for this Kelly, I was actually gonna talk about this myself (and I still will) but it's nice to see these bands get mentioned, I already know most of them except for Nature but yeah, it's a shame that these bands with the exception of O Children were getting tlaked about within the scene. The only other band I would've included are Shadow Age, Infidel, and Lost Tribe for those who end up liking The Wraith because the singer of that band Davey Bales, Lost Tribe was his first band where he performed vocals before starting The Wraith. πŸ™‚ Anyway, nice selection choice. πŸ™‚

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