10 Hours Walking in NYC as a Goth

 10 Hours Walking in NYC as a Goth

Stop Goth Harassment. Everyone is entitled to look, dress and be who they wish to be.
Story behind the video: http://wp.me/p2nYPS-eE

Created by David George Brommer

Staring DJ Paradox
Filmed with Sony RX10



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  • Funny the breast is the REAL evil one here lol

  • I though the young Lady was beautiful. But I thought she prove the point they don't deserve the harassment. I think if you can't say something nice keep your mouth shut.

  • You wanna walk around looking goofy. This kinda thing is exactly what you want.
    You can't BS me, you is me.

  • Is this a parody? Because everything is like a parody in NYC

  • The way they just stand there awkwardly thinking they did something 💀

  • This looks like a video game fr 😂

  • A priest and a goth girl walk into a bar ……

  • 10 hours of seeking the attention dad never gave and never will.

  • “If someone is judging you. That’s there problem.”

    “The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.”

  • Npc's in a video game

  • Look at me I want attention

  • this kinda brutally fake

  • When the priest walked beside her it was unironically a nice and matched aesthetic 😭

  • This is why I don't dress the way I want in public. Yet I still get harrassed because my my clothes are black and the fact that I have piercings.

  • I'm so ridiculously confused why anyone thinks this is legitimate and not scripted….

  • 10 hours? That was one long walk.

  • Obviously fake but god damn she looks scary

  • How much did you pay these people to participate?

  • Goth is the greatest thing on earth. I love going to gothic festivals. I just love to dress up in black clothes just to be like all the other goths at the festival. I even got my anus tattooed black. 100% goth or no goth at all.

  • GOD bless that Priest Amen brother in CHRIST!! The LORD JESUS CHRIST IS GOD AND HE DIED FOR YOUR SINS AND ROSE AGAIN!! The LORD JESUS CHRIST is the way, the truth, and the life, and no man cometh unto The FATHER except by Him! The LORD JESUS along with all of this satanic 666 antichrist nonsense is real, GOD is real and so is the devil, not style.. JESUS Saves!!

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