1919 – Machine (1983) Gothic Rock, Post Punk, Anarcho Punk – UK

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  • Very similar to UK Decay’s post punk sound

  • sounds like holograms from sweden. but earlier

  • 🌚🖤💀

  • Nice upload! Wish bands like them still existed. Thanks for keepin this art available to the newer generations to have some inspiration.

  • this is really good stuff

  • Back to 1980’s fantastic 👏👏👏👍👍👍

  • Saludos desde Toluca México 🙂

  • The killing joke influence is too obvious to ignore, but 1919 have a sound all their own. Less industrial than KJ with the same amount of raw aggression. Much luv for the band

  • This is awesome. Thank you! Fucking great. I hope to find more about the band somewhere. Hope its not just another asshole band. NO offense and thank you for what you share with the world.

  • So is there an actual CD to purchase?

  • Some of the best drum work I've ever heard

  • Amazing drums… but KJ thing is a bit mad….

  • Classic. Great tune. Great days.

  • So these guys are playing Today in the same little city from L.A that James Hetfield (Metallica) grew up in called Downey. 4-6-2019. Interesting.

  • Hello i am Brasil name of band is 1919 ?

  • great one thanks alot good memroies alive in the now

  • Wow

  • like a deathrock killing joke

  • Love this! Being the a huge Killing Joke fan how could I resist?

  • I love kj inspired bands. 1919 plague of fools headhunters red beat. Those 4 come to mind. I have nothing against it at all. I want to find more kj copycats. If anyone can direct me towards more soundalikes please come forth.

  • I still have this on vinyl & everything else they did great band Real Goth sound with tribal drums etc Not all this pretend shit now with keyboards etc, They wanted to be Killing Joke so much & supported them a few times Cry Wolf is still my fave track by 1919 so killing Joke sounding & classic single

  • Thanks for sharing this hard pounding top drawer straight laced shite

  • Artwork [Cover And Sleeve Concept] – Ian Tilleard, Mark Tighe
    Design [Slaves Head] – Julie
    Drums – Mick Reed
    Engineer – Mike Kemp
    Guitar – Mark Tighe
    Mastered By – Porky
    Producer – 1919
    Vocals – Ian Tilleard
    Words By – Mark Tighe
    Written-By – Ian Tilleard, Mark Tighe

    Recorded at Spaceward Studios, Cambridge.
    P + C Screaming Music
    Pressed at MPO, Averton
    Made in France
    Distributed by CARTEL

    infos group :
    Formed in December 1980 in Bradford, UK.
    Dissolved late 1983

  • Oh my god it sounds so much like killing joke. Especially the hunted, jesus. Vocalist sounds quite a bit like Coleman as well.

  • This is even better than I thought it would be. I thought they were a Synthpop group and the fact that they're an all-out, guitar-driven band (and a good one at that) makes them one of the best.

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