20 Greatest Symphonic Metal Songs NON STOP

20 Greatest Symphonic Metal Songs NONSTOP!


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  1. Intro – Within Temptation

    1:13 Amaranth – Nightwish

    4:47 Unleashed – Epica

    10:32 The Other Side – Sirenia

    13:57 Ice Queen – Within Temptation

    18:26 StoryTime – Nightwish

    23:45 Beyond the Matrix – EPICA

    28:41 I Walk Alone – Tarja

    32:20 April Rain – Delain

    36:49 Nightfall – Xandria

    40:40 Farewell Proud Men – Leaves' Eyes

    44:37 Ghost Love Score – NIGHTWISH

    54:22 Tides Of Time – Epica

    59:30 Mother Earth – Within Temptation

    1:03:29 Shine – Edenbridge

    1:08:10 SON OF THE SUN – Therion

    1:13:34 Valentine – Xandria

    1:17:40 Songs the Night Sings – The Dark Element

    1:22:21 Stand My Ground – WITHIN TEMPTATION

    1:26:14 Noise – Nightwish

    1:31:08 Excalibur – Luca Turilli's Rhapsody

  2. I am in awe at how well you put this together. Over an hour and a half of some of my favourites seamlessly moving from one to the other.
    The mixing of Tarja and Floor singing Ghost Love Score is fantastic!!
    Thank you!!

  3. 30:49 Jesus takes every step with you regardless if you know it or not. Took me quite some time to figure all of this crap out. That Man died knowing he was going to die knowing years down the road people wouldn't even care (or believe it)… That's the definition of dedication.

  4. Excellent choice to use the wacken 2013 live for Ghost love score (44:37), that EPIC ending Floor gave us is truly the best vocal performance I have found on Youtube (with Voces 8 "Lully, Lulla, Lullay")

  5. Came across this after hearing a Christmas instrumental combined with metal on American Dad. I didn't know this genre existed but always thought I'd be awesome. Thank you for a wonderful playlist for my noob ears lol

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