Talk About the Weather with Red Lorry and Yellow Lorry

With early echoes of Joy Division, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry’s singer/guitarist Chris Reed sounded a lot like Ian Curtis at times — though more often his growl came across as brutal and rather ferocious.

 The Lorries claim their primary influence was MC5, but they say they influenced Bob Dylan more than anyone. By the time of their debut album in 1985, Talk About the Weather, they had figured out their own unique style within the genre and had become adept songwriters.

 Here are some of RLYL’s best tracks, including “Hand on Heart,” which is the anthemic Wire-inspired single, and “Hollow Eyes,” a danceable, driving single.

 With a mix of rhythm boxes and drum machines, the scrappy mid-’80s indie production on Talk About the Weather holds up extremely well. Highlights include the tough, punky title track and the strutting punk punk punk tune “Happy.”

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