4 Underrated Modern Goth and Post-Punk Bands

Here are some criminally underrated new goth and post-punk bands that I think you’re going to love! If you have any band recommendations for me, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Please visit their Bandcamp pages and give them some love!

Rosegarden Funeral Party: https://rosegardenfuneralparty.bandcamp.com/
Sonsombre: https://sonsombre.bandcamp.com/
La Scaltra: https://lascaltra.bandcamp.com/
Holygram: https://holygram.bandcamp.com/

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☥ Music Credits ☥
PublicPool – Scary, Scary Strawberries (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49ZNZ-BC2ek)
Rosegarden Funeral Party – Once in a While
Rosegarden Funeral Party – Mirror’s Image
Sonsombre – The Future is Black
Sonsombre – Fear
La Scaltra – Good Sinner
La Scaltra – Ghosts
Holygram – A Faction
Holygram – Modern Cults


29 thoughts on “4 Underrated Modern Goth and Post-Punk Bands”

  1. Are modern goth records rated? Who rates them and why do you suppose they rate them inappropriately? Isn't it necessarily subjective?

    Is this just being old and I need to accept that "underrated" now means "I like this".

  2. Thanks so much for the recommendations. Some nice new bands there. All new for me. If I had to mention one, I would point to "She past away", but I guess you probably know them already.

  3. First off- Adorable outfit! 🖤 I love hearing about newer Goth bands, and I'm definitely going to look deeper into these bands you featured here! Being a bit "long in the fang" myself, I have to admit most of the Goth music I listen to is from the 80's/90's era, however lately I have been finding out about some newer bands as well (thank you to yourself, and other YouTubers!) A few others I might suggest is Hapax, Cruel Reflections, and Creux Lies, if you haven't already heard of them (although you probably have) All the best! 🖤🖤🖤

  4. Thanks for the recomendations these bands sure sound amazing another relatively new band that sounds amazing is Twin Trives i really really recomend their music specially the song "fantasmas" so good

  5. I like Holygram a lot. Their sound reminds me a lot of the band The Horrors. I listen to them while at work (headphones are on). Sad they broke up. What are your thoughts on Ash Code, Second Still, Minuit Machine and Android Lust?

  6. you should really do more music reviews in general.
    if you're looking for more recent activity as far as goth bands and ones near you at that a couple years ago some friends of mine had a kind of rough around the edges deathrock band, Phantasmagoria. they played their last show at last year's Western NY Punx Picnic but two of the core members where talking about continuing it under a new name as a more synth heavy project and last i checked their Bandcamp page was still up. though one of them managed to get banned from visiting Canada. several years back one of the members was in another deathrock band Sectss though as far as i know they only ever released their material on caste tape out of nostalgia.

  7. Ive only heard of one of these before, which is La Scaltra – and I actually have a funny story about them! Me and 2 friends were supposed to see them together with Fields of the Nephilim, but we were late for the concert so we actually just saw like half a song by theirs – but when we later checked into our hotel we met them in the elevator! Which was kind of awkward cause my friend was like "great show!" even tho we only saw like 30 seconds of it and I was trying my hardest not to laugh xD Anyways, I'd highly recommend Second Still for you if you like female fronted bands. Their EP Equals is awesome!!

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