5 New Goth Bands You Need to Check Out

 5 New Goth Bands You Need to Check Out

Here are five new goth bands that have either contacted me or I have discovered that definitely are worth checking out! Also, big thanks to my new patron …



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  • Wow! 🖤🖤🖤

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  • I’m working on a book about the south London music scene and I wrote to Steve Severin if he wanted to chip in about the Bromley Contingent. No word, sadly. As far as The Damned goes, I saw them more as a ‘77 punk or Nuggets era garage band. They are from south London too. Are you into the Nuggets era garage too?

    Another one to look out for is Manchester’s The Underground Youth.

  • I can't stand The Shroud.

  • I am elated I found your channel. You're so elucidating and inspiring bringing someone new like me more into the lifestyle

  • 1 the secret french postcards
    2 Iza Grau
    3 stompcrash

  • Do you like drab majesty.

  • thank you so muuuch

  • Thank you so much for making yhis video ! The Secret French Postcards is a wonderful band, especially thrir latest album – "Colours". Love it ! I've also discovered an american band with a similar sound – Delphine Coma. Their latest release – "tortuosa" is just superb.

  • So excited for your phlebotomy role!!! It’s amazing that you’re in the medical field helping others. And yes goth points way up! 🥰
    I am very drawn to your recommendation of The Stompcrash. I get picky with synthesizer use. My husband loves the goth nuwave sound and loves synthesizer sounds. I get bitchy if I can’t vibe with it. I just added Swear by the Moon to my list and I think we will both enjoy it. Danke!!!!

  • Thank You So Much !!

  • Thank you for this!! Wisborg are amazing… 💞💞💞

  • Bringing us some more Gothic music goodies!!! Thank you!!

  • it's nice to hear that there's bands out there that still enjoy the darkwave/post punk 80's goth sounds. I was starting to feel sad because coming across a particular genre of music that feels true to tradgoth was far and few between and all we had to choose from was the 80's bands and if you happened to not like some of them, there was less music to listen to. I'll drop a few of my faves so far that I think would be good for a list like this
    Selofan – consisting of just 2 members, this band is literally the embodiment of what I think 80's/90's goth sounds like. it's like a mix of Faith and the Muse with a splash of Bauhaus moodiness. They have collabed with a band I will be listing next.
    She Past Away – they are a very synth driven band but have their fair share of guitars and also 80's drum machine beats. Some of the beats they use are very true to the patterns of the time. it's hard to explain. they sound like a mix of The Cure meets an inspirational montage.
    Love and Strangers Super gloomy and has a beat you can really dance to
    Lebanon Hanover – with lower vocals, this German band has some darkishly romantic lyrics and sounds that can range from 80s/90s tradgoth to almost Dark synthpop you would hear in a sex shop. can be seductive but gloomy, the best combo.
    Boy Harsher – think darkwave, but make it SEXY as fuq. This band is super underrated and has a uinique enough sound to set them apart, but reminiscent enough of late 80s yearly 90's coldwave with a deep, droning sound and seductive female vocals that can be sensual but also very emotional. This is what I think Depeche Mode would sound like if they were all female.
    I may come back to edit this list if I discover or think of anymore. Until then, I will be reading the comments and looking for new bops to listen to because ya girl is running out and needs something new but familiar enough to feel like I'm listening to my mom's cassette tape collection

  • These all sound good!

  • ❤❤❤

  • Oh jeez these bands are pretty great! I sure hope I can find them somewhere in this comment section…

    But no seriously it's an honour to even be considered thank you ^^

  • "I'm a professional vampire now" That voice that turns normal sentences into album/song titles is talking to me again 😭

  • Thank you for the recommendation will defiantly check it out

  • Congrats on the phlebotomy gig! And YES, that totally ups your vampire/goth quotient by my tabulations. 😉 The music suggestions totally help too. LOL Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you for the musical tips as always, milady.

  • Congratulations on your career change! I believe good phlebotomist is worth their weight in gold (I’m a very hard stick). The music suggestions are perfect for me.

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