A little video to those who are getting into goth culture and want to listen to something nostalgic but without relying off on music from 40 years ago. Here is a list …


Sweeney DeVille

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  • Am I the only teen who has trouble liking any song made before the year 2000? Idk, I don't hate it, but I don't LIKE it, y'know? Maybe it's the audio quality for me.

  • Diffidently She past away is number one…

  • Thanks for the recommendations man. A personal favorite of mine, a cold wave band by the name of This Cold Night. Can’t recommend them enough to anyone who happens along this comment. 🦇

  • What a great video Sweeney. I love discovering new music and there are a few there I've not heard that I'll certainly listen to. There's a band from Athens, Greece called Mosquito who are worth a listen. Their last album was 2017 so I'm still waiting on the next release….

  • Check out Vision Video and Soviet Soviet too. And Cold Cave, even though they aren't that new, I just found them this year.

  • Much needed video because people are getting confused about what music actually is goth and that's because there are commercial song artists dressing goth, but not performing the genre. E.g. Pale Waves who are more of an indiepop band.

    Did you have to search a long time to find your examples?

  • wow …🥰🥰

  • Seen Drab Majesty in New Orleans, was funny meeting them and telling them that I am Californian and followed them so closely that I finally saw them in NOLA lol

  • I booked Virgin In Veil and Masque to play in Fresno, California in 2015, the show was amazing, and their drummer and bassist loved getting wasted and eating taco bell with us!

  • hi

  • That hair… Yes!!

  • Great channel cheers in my day in the 80s in the clubs and pubs right up to 90 it was joy division cabaret voltaire throbbing gristle severed heads front 242 nitzer ebb and coil they whould really chill your bones its a shame that industrial went into rock the same happened to goth boy harsher is doing some intersting stuff cheers

  • I'm a big type o neg fan and u2 im trying to blend both styles in my band im starting.

  • She past away song 'Katarsis' has become a classic by now.

  • Preoccupations?

  • I really like Vandal Moon. They have that more new wave/synth pop 80s sound! 🖤

  • I'm definitely going to take a look at Virgin In Veil. For fans of Drab Majesty and Linea Aspera (or more synth-heavy acts in general), Liste Noire is a band really worth checking out. If you're looking for a post punk/goth rock band, Bat Nouveau has been a great discovery for me. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if they are still active(?). Anyways, thanks for the helpful video!

  • You forgot boy hashner.

  • Twin tribes are def up there too!

  • Great recommendations! Personally, I cannot recommend Drab Majesty enough. I love of all their songs and how theatrical their style is, both musically and aesthetically. 🖤

  • great vid, definitely needed some new material to listen to, great picks for sure

  • Good list but honestly I can think of atleast 150 more…there is so much out there..from all over the world.

  • Thank you for video! Nice list! I really like listen andalou rock (Turkish rock music) and it’s so nice to hear “She past away” here 🙂

  • It’s a good list. I do like Virgin in Veil.

  • I can't stop listening to Srub (Сруб). It's a band from Novosibirsk, Russia. Their music has something very… let's say, Siberian to it. And the lyrics are written in a very peculiar way, some of them are almost like zagovory (a type of Russian incantations), very evocative and unique.

    https://youtu.be/g1MMAf3EvKw (Whispers and howls of swamps)
    https://youtu.be/weoh_MDjRE8 (Follow the footsteps)
    https://youtu.be/GYTpMA1DwRo (Don't touch)
    https://youtu.be/-ep0axlDVx4 (Speak)
    https://youtu.be/mKHe3m9C9IA (Death dances like this)
    https://youtu.be/7qmHte75ZiY (By the secret path)
    https://youtu.be/uZ1cri4mNhE (For mushrooms)

  • Ew why are you making hard bands popular. Let them stay underground.

  • Wonderful list! A few of them I have on my playlist.

    Some newer Goth/Darkwave music I listen to are…
    Twin Tribes- Very synth-y and have a rather nostalgic 80's sound. Twin Tribes is often described as Darkwave but they definitely have that Post-punk sound at times. One of my personal favorite newer Goth bands.

    Sonsombre- SUPER GOTH. Like if you could imagine The Sisters of Mercy but shockingly more Goth.

    Black Nail Cabaret- Not super Goth but definitely electronica that Goths really enjoy. Their style is described as "Pop Noir". If I had to describe them, I'd say Black Nail Cabaret is the aggressive Hungarian half-sibling of Android Lust and Halou.

  • I love hear what you recommend and would love see more similar ones in future.

    Myself use to even recommend bands as Sonsombre and Miazma.
    When it comes to more darkway I love Massive Ego. Know they started in end of 90s, but my intrest came from the songs around 2015 and later.

    Agree about She Past Away. They have a sound you can't miss it's them.

    Thanks again! Brilliant video, just ashame you can't play songs longer.

  • Need to check out Brandy kills man! By far my most favorite indie darkwave band to date


  • Check into this one band called Astrocowboys. They are a shoesgaze/ postpunk electronic band from Russia.

  • You have a lot of good recommendations. I have quite a collection of both new and classic goth bands music on CD, but it's always fun to hear recommendations. I need to check out some of the bands you mentioned. Thanks for posting this video. It's very insightful.🦇 Stay spooky my friend.🕸️💀

  • I really loved your list man, and definitely gonna look up for some of the bands i didnt know about, thank you a lot!!! (I was really happy when you choose she past away as the number one, because they're one of my favorites nowdays xD)

  • Excellent selections in this video 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 well done

  • A modern Goth band that I will always suggest and listen to are the TRAITRS… their album Butcher Coin is in my top 10 albums!!

  • I saw She Past Away last Fall and they were amazing, I almost cried lol LOL One of my current fav bands I'm in love with is Twin Tribes 🖤 Great video, thank you!

  • Hay sweeney, its keegan here, just getting (re)started again on here 😜
    Its so refreshing notifiying others of the newer bands within the subculture.
    Drab Majasty, she passed away, lebanon hanover and virgin in veil are my current faves 🖤 🦇

  • Nice list! I definitely agree that She Past Away is a must in any modern goth/darkwave list and I like them a lot too.

    There's this other Turkish band called "Merry's Funeral" that you might like. I think they relased their 1st album this year. They also sing in Turkish and have a different sound. I'm really hoping Turkey becomes some sort of a birthing ground for more goth/darkwave bands or create a distinct style because it seems like it might be possible based on those two bands.

  • Lovely List / Video Sweeney! the band id have to recommend would be my personal friends a band based in the UK A Band Called Her Despair they have a wonderful Sound to them you can hear HIM elements to many other bands, when i first heard them i was hooked i think you'll enjoy them here's a Link to their newest song from their newest EP “Exorcisms of Eroticism” : https://youtu.be/Clqrj6rftJA

  • It's good that you are talking about new bands… So many are missing out…

  • Thanks for the recomendations ❤🦇 Grettings from Mexico dear friend.

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