80's Goth and Post-Punk Collection 1

Here are three amazing albums which I feel truly exemplify the best of the 80’s Goth and Post-Punk scenes. Every single one of these acts are gems that somehow were lost by the mainstream goth and post-punk channels…

While the first, Daemonolatreia, was not actually released in the 80’s, all of the songs were recorded in the 80’s and perfectly capture the mood and sound of the 80’s goth scene.

Alan Woxx – Daemonolatreia 12″ (1990)
A1 Love Is An Emanation Of Death
A2 Obscured Passion
B1 Cycle Of Life
B2 God Is Dead

Alien Nation – Anhedonia 7″ (1985)
A1 Agents Of Faith
A2 Anhedonia
B1 Grave 321
B2 Last Rites

Breathless – Ageless 12″ (1984)
A Ageless
B1 A New Chapter
B2 Fallen Dreams

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27 thoughts on “80's Goth and Post-Punk Collection 1”

  1. Heya! First of all, thanks for this upload, all of these albums are amazing. Secondly, I'm wondering about the first track on this video (0:003:45). You list it as being "Love is an Emanation of Death" by Alan Woxx, but when I search for that song individually, it's totally different. And even going thru every Alan Woxx track I can find on YouTube, I can't actually find the song that comes first on this video!! Can you help? I love the song so much, and want to be sure of what it's actually called.

  2. I just want to say I really like your channel. You have an amazing collection of music. Going to enjoy listening and viewing all the music you have on your channel.

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