80's Goth and Post-Punk Collection 2

These three great albums from the 80’s are some of the best 80’s music you have probably never heard.

Every Dead New Ghost added a very late entry to the 80’s scene, but this album captures what so many previous acts failed to: Pure, underground badassery!

While Fatal Morgana’s Attention 12″ was officially released in 1990, most of the songs were written and recorded during the peak of the 80’s scenes. Please don’t let the 1990 release date deter you from enjoying this amazing electric-goth album!

Every Dead New Ghost – River of Souls (1989)
1) Ascension
2) Mother Night
3) Lonely Faces
4) Hunters
5) Killing Time
6) Assassin
7) She’s Waiting
8) Sacrifice
9) Bleak House
10) Burning

Fade to Black – Corridors of Gender 12″ (1984)
A1 Black Box
A2 Forward From Hell
B1 Towers Open Fire
B2 Soundtrack
B3 Cinema Blue

Fatal Morgana – Attention 12″ (1990)
A1 Attention 5:28
B1 Glasnost (Synth-Mix) 4:58
B2 Attention (Instrumental)


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