80's Goth and Post-Punk Collection 3

three more hits from the late 80’s Goth Rock Scene.

Two of these acts I’m sure you all know, but La morte De La Maison is a pretty much completely obscure diamond that was lost among the fallout of the late 80’s.

Clan of Xymox – A Day 12″ (1985)
A1 A Day
B1 Stranger

La Morte De La Maison – Aaron’s Rod 12″ (1989)
A1 Civilized Animals
A2 Views Under Age
A3 No Reason
A4 Elizabeth
B1 Pale Your Mind
B2 Depressions
B3 L.M.D.L.M.
B4 Another One Bites The Dust
B5 Saint (In Dead)

Rosetta Stone – Darkness and Light 12″ (1989)
A1 Cimmerian
A2 If Only And Sometimes
B1 Chapter And Verse

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