A Brief History of Goth

 A Brief History of Goth

These days, “goth” can mean anything from wearing an all-black outfits to being overly emotional on social media. But before the Internet happened, goth meant something very specific. This is A Brief History of Goth.

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A Brief History of Goth



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  • virgin

  • DEPARTURE 6:30 "Bad Perspective Woodcuts"
    We are dealing with important questions in society much like the gods, like whether D students have the right to coexist or even exist at all? Do they even have the foresight to put aside the past and make up for lost time? Let's not forget what Goth really is. It is about uninformed idiots and really lighting an information bomb on their heads, right down to the Devil himself and every historical proof and conspiracy.
    Note* Originally when Goths were Deathrockers we dresses in black to bomb the unintelligent and give them a massive complex. You can see how well that worked out. 😆 I suppose this machine still works that way. Get on your vampires and unsolvable proofs. They really lit a necro- bomb. Watch those crosses melt! Dark things. The awful truth about the dark things sold by Goth rock is that they are a trap for idiots. Sorry.

  • Man this was incredible. You need to make more like this!! ❤❤

  • I've always looked at Goths as wannabe vampire copycats.

  • I remember Joy Division,
    and Echo and the Bunnymen,
    and Bauhaus, and The Cure.

  • Goth, emo and scene seem to have been chewed up and regurgitated into a horrible distorted mush that shows no acknowledgement to any of the movements before

  • Nico was like a proto-goth girl

  • Really like this video

  • I'm not goth – i'm more like a metalhead, but I adore the Cure's goth eras.

  • Where is HIM band? They had a huge influence on Goth culture..

  • Goth almost seems like a callback to those dark hobbyists known as the Victorian Esoterics.

  • Flash warning for those of you sensitive to flashing lights starts at 2:09 ends at 2:27

  • Siouxie sioux hated when she was called goth lmao. The forst goth is probably jim Morrison 😁🖤🖤 nice video!

  • Undead undead

  • Goth Started with Edgar Allan Poe
    Change My Mind

  • I ain't no goth but I saw "world goth day" trending on Twitter.

  • Vovong kapitbahay: Di ka goth pag di ka nakaget ng syota. Mag isa ka lang, Di ka goth. Kami goth na matagal na kami nagkapamilya.


  • This video sucks.

    I only feel compelled to comment that because you can no longer see the down votes without a browser extension.

  • But why do they call it Goth? It has to be somehow based in the ancient European Gothic traditions, which would also make it distinctly White. Or I guess they could be using the other definition, which would be a rude, ignorant, and barbaric person. However people who adopt "Goth (life)style" never seemed to be striving to be viewed as "rude and barbaric". It's a weird subset of modern White culture.

  • I know black metal and goth is diffrent but i think black metal is goth on steroids, They both see the world in a depressing point of view specially dsbm (Depressive suicidal black metal) but i think they will make natural alias with dark imagery.

  • what about nico

  • You can dress goth but in the end your not if you don’t listen to the music cuz that’s what it revolves around the music is the only thing that matters, wear whatever you want

  • Siouxsie still hates that term. She's so much more than that. And the Banshees are STILL better than The Cure. Sorry not sorry.

  • the Kanye part didn't age well…

  • This is unfortunately not accurate. There are better educational videos on this subject,
    YT: Cadaver Kelly, or Angela Benedict for example.

  • f̷̩̜͚̤͇͔̿̋̓̐͜͝͝e̷̞͍̲̜̔̃́͝e̷̠̭͎̽̂̾̕d̷̛͈͊͌̌̊̔̏̊͂̔̚̚â̵̬̰͍̾̉ĺ̸̞͌̐͐̉̑̐̓͒̎̊̈͘͝g̸͌͋õ̴̡̯̥͔͓̙̪͓̫͓̞̞̣̜͓̅̀̑̉̒̋̇̄̐̋͝r̸̔̆̍į̶̨͓̗͚͚̳͉͕͚̝̪̳͍̲͌̈̊͗͛̎͌̌͒̏̒͋͘͝t̶̨̘͕̂̽̀̉͐̈́̎͌̌̿́̆̿h̴̡̥̺̤̳̘̳̜͈̝̤̱̾̐̽m̷͉͊̾̊̽̅́͋͋̍̂̋́̚̕͘

  • 3:13
    H I T M A N is definitely goth 🥂👨‍🦲

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