A Brief History of Goth

These days, “goth” can mean anything from wearing an all-black outfits to being overly emotional on social media. But before the Internet happened, goth meant something very specific. This is A Brief History of Goth.

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A Brief History of Goth


27 thoughts on “A Brief History of Goth”

  1. This is the worst, and most incorrect History of Goth. Not even including the hella cringe cartoon. This has more wrong than right. Shame on you, you purport to be a music expert, but this is sorely lacking in accuracy. The Bauhaus comment is about the only fact that is right. Everything else is shades of incorrect.

  2. My unpopular thoughts: Lil Uzi, Lil Peep + striped shirts (and much more) are e-kids! They have their set of beliefs and are a new alt subculture I would say. I have noticed everytime there is a new rise of sub group (ie: emo kids, mall goths, lots more) they are cast aside and not accepted. Sometimes alt people can be a bit toxic, like righrt now in the comment section. Goths do bash others and accept everyone, as long as no one bothers them.
    Of course, there are posers who just dress the part and they are a huge no no. It is annoying that people are identifying in the wrong sub group (like e-girls saying they are grunge/ goth ) but that doesn't make them any less alt! Idk, these are just my feelings !!! Everyone has different opinions ig

  3. I have often called out Pitchfork for lazy and ill-researched articles and videos, many times before. This video is perhaps the worst of the worst.

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