A brief history of goths – Dan Adams

 A brief history of goths – Dan Adams

View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/a-brief-history-of-goths-dan-adams What do fans of atmospheric post-punk music have in common with ancient …



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  • 4:42 the poor cybergoths, keep vibing under that bridge my dudes

  • “St. Denise STINKS!!!!”……
    Arthur Morgan

  • So the Italians used the word to diss Germanic culture. Lol, they're just jealous of flying buttresses.

  • Van der Graaf Generator played gothic rock before punk even existed, let alone post-punk.


  • Did they still shop at hot topic?

  • Immagine some goth band organize a concert, but then when they arrive, their fans are all dressed like barbarian goth.

  • Watching this it's kinda ironic that one of the most influential gothic bands is named bauhaus.

  • I’m only really bothered by the fact that Siouxsie and the Banshees are listed as deriving from Joy Division, Bauhaus, and The Cure when The Scream pre-dates the debut releases from two of those other bands and was the first full length album released by any of them… (and let’s be real, Joy Division’s four track ep is not as easy to identify as being ‘goth’ as SatB’s ten track lp…)

    An Ideal for Living – 3/6/78
    The Scream – 13/11/78
    Killing an Arab – 21/12/78
    Bela Lugosi’s Dead – 6/8/79

    Just sayin’.

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  • How does the band Visigoth fit in here

  • The bard invoked rage, the party is riled up

  • This part of history is simply not covered enough. Thank you for the great video!

  • Our leather jackets make us near impervious to arrow fire.

  • Highest population of Goths are in India known as jats , their proto origin are in central Asia / Indian subcontinent not in west Europe

  • Goths: In the same deep water as you

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  • Y’all gonna talk about goth music and not mention Sixouse and the Banshees?

  • NOT Byron, say her name. Say Mary Shelley.

  • TED-ED shows.. so conformist 😝

  • I always wondered how the subculture started and now I know. I love Goth Subculture.

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  • I wasn't sure what goth this was going to be about when I clicked it but I was open to either.

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  • Okay…..so…..what is goth🙂

  • Fun fact: when Europe was in the dark ages Islam was in the gold age

  • goth are jat people of india massa gatae in central asia in europe they called goths

  • This video is so misleading and in parts wholly incorrect. The Goths were nomads yes, barbarians absolutely not. By all accounts of the Caesars and Roman generals that had dealings with them, they were honourable, honest, and incorruptible. The Romans even paid tribute to these Gothic tribes, often prizing their martial abilities so highly they were incorporated into Caesar's personal guard. There is so much more to cite and explain, what a bad video!

  • A menace to society

  • Man, that club scene brings back memories, especially the guy punching the air, so true.

  • Now I want to watch samurai jack again

  • Now goth, punks, are the pitures of the depressed abd suicidal teens

  • I knew it wasn't a phase.

  • steampunk is goth? well count me in!

  • So in conclusion, Europe went through an emo phase.

  • as someone who loves gothic rock and is in the goth community, well done. 🖤

  • I have my popcorn ready and i'm here for the comments.

  • There’s always beauty in the darkness

  • goths are depresed homeless

  • Beauty in darkness

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