A Gothic Rock playlist for baby bats Vol. 2

 A Gothic Rock playlist for baby bats Vol. 2

Yes, I made another one. You guys seemed to really enjoy the last one I made. Gothic rock shares so many different styles of music, and so that’s another reason why I decided to make another one too.
Also, a big shout out to Spin’glass Hydra for sharing with me more goth bands that I’ve personally never heard of. Thank you guys so much for taking interest in my content!

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  • Nobody needs to complain about the beginning lyrics to "Romeo's Distress".

    Rozz Williams was not racist at all — He was referencing a horrible event that took place in Los Angeles during the 80's. He couldn't make any sense of how something so backwards and antiquated could happen in a sprawling metropolis like Southern California. "Romeo's Distress" is all a commentary about social responsibility and why do people still act like backwards hicks. There will never be a good reason for ignorant people to place a burning cross anywhere, much less on a black family's front lawn. It's important to understand how and why the Goth "Underground Subculture" found it's way into today's urban masses.

    Goth's are not intrinsically racist, in fact, it's quite inclusive; however, we would never enforce such ideal's, as we often consider ourselves passive creatures and non-confrontational. Rozz Williams was a gay man, who wasn't very talkative about his relationships, but it was a way for more defiant Post-punk gay-boys to be out, they simply didn't identify with the rest of the gay scene. Real 70's and 80's Punks had sex with each other as a form of social defiance; however, if you said anything about it, then they'd run you down and beat the crap out of you. Rozz was my friend, as well as my hero. If anything, he was a very gentle guy, but he could have a very sharp tongue, which is a Goth characteristic going back over forty year's. Times are different now, but it's important for you to stand-up to other's who might otherwise misconstrue the meaning behind certain songs. The "normal people" in the 80's, always thought Goth's were Satan Worshipper's, so we were unmerciful attacked by outsiders ― Until, we stood up against ignorance… !!!

    At that time, we sarcastically fed into peoples huge assumptions' about Goth's, so we weaponized their own stupidity against themselves ― Guess what ― It worked…. !!!! Your generation aren't exposed to the same social prejudices, which I had to endure, but in so many different ways, all other successive generations can thank my generation for paving the way. We Classic-Goth's thought it was fun to jump into a mosh-pit and, if, we got punched while in there, then we accepted it, just like any modern "Society of Goth's" (as a brotherhood & sisterhood) simply showing affection with each other, and then later, we'd find each other to share a drink together. It was perfectly fine, if, we did it to ourselves, but not for outsider's to do it to us.

    We protected each other, especially when we got soda's and food thrown at us, or, sometimes even physically attacked. Believe me, I've had people do that to me and my friends. Many people became very viscous towards us. I use to carry a small dagger inside my boot, so if I was "jumped", I could somewhat defend myself. Fortunately, our nasty attitude towards outsiders was a natural reaction, but I've watched you're generation of Goth's attending my lectures at the auditorium; where I teach, become quite friendly and expressive with other non-Goth's. It's fun to watch all of you from my perspective. And yes, we Classic Goth's do tend to have advanced university degrees, as intelligence is highly valued among our community. Break-out those Anne Rice novel's and start remembering some lines. If anybody is curious, I hold a Ph.D. in Psychiatric Medicine and also run a smaller Private Practice in Psychiatry.

    On these topics, I can speak as a founding-member about what was once a difficult lifestyle. Love yourself enough to stand-up for the correct societal issues and find social justice for everyone to be equals. If there are outsiders who refuse to understand you (and there will be), then I give you permission to tell them to go ― "F*ck Themselves"

  • Story-time my Baby Bat's: Rozz Williams of Christian Death, from a cauldron of Baby Bat's, into his "Goth-sluts"

    Back in the late 80's, I had my buddy Romeo, who had been my best friend ever since the sixth grade, so we decided we should go take a pilgrimage and pay homage to Christian Death in person. Even though his name is Romeo that doesn't mean the song "Romeo's Distress" is named after him ― But, he'd just received a brand new, glossy white, two seated ― Fiat, as a graduation present form his parents and we had both turned 18 earlier, so we thought it would be a fun thing to do. After all it was the beginning of Summer and although we would actually go surfing with the "Stoner/Surfer-Dudes"; neither of us, did much but paddle out to where the ocean-swells would rise and fall inside the Santa Cruz, California cove, where the oldest wooden roller-coaster resides on it's shore. Plus, it kept us out of any trouble by driving to Los Angeles and see Christian Death play ― After all, Romeo and I were considered spoiled delinquent's who seemed to get blamed for everything the other neighborhood Goth-kyd's were doing wrong. Anyhow, neither one of had been to Los Angeles before, so we naively thought it would only take a few hour from the San Francisco Bay Area, then turn around, and get back home in plenty of time, without having to stay overnight. It didn't workout that way.

    After driving 9 hours in traffic, we finally got into West Hollywood. Everyone needs to visual us both, in order to understand the whole story: Romeo and myself are six feet tall ― After that the sameness ends. Romeo is from Spain, so he has very distinctive long platinum-blond hair that looked almost white in the sunlight, along with pair of deep green eyes, but his skin was so white he could never get a tan, so the harder he tried, only the more sunburnt he got. As for myself, I'm Native American with long black hair, dark brown eyes the other Goth's said that I looked like one of the "black-eye children": A mystical legend of crossbred alien-human hybrids, who use mind control and people are never seen again. It's a popular myth of Northern California, but I can tan really well, even though it's an "Un-Gothly" thought. In the Bay Area Goth-scene our coven called us "Salt & Pepp'a" for the way we looked together, plus it also would grind a tease at us both, after the female 80's Rap duo. Hopefully you understand the image of us two together.

    So, we're both got into West Hollywood at the Troubadour, but it was a twenty-one and over crowed, so we lost-out there, but we both knew to wait outside at the back-door, so we'd get our vinyl albums autographed. We had no idea back then that Rozz Williams was gay, but we never thought anything of it, so it was something that didn't matter. We didn't care either. Christian Death had established a solid foothold on the Los Angeles scene, which was hotly contested between New York's, CBGB's Goth's and the West Coast scene, our rival's who would say we West Coast Goth's were "poser's", so Rozz had legitimized the West Coast standing. Anyhow, Rozz was running late, so he bursted out of the car when it showed, but we were sitting back-to-back leaning against each other while reading magazines and we definitely caught his eye, so he stopped to autograph our records and asked us, "Why aren't you both inside the venue?" We explained that neither of us were over twenty-one (in hindsight, we both looked like we were 14 year's old) however, his reply was a sharp snort, "Fuck'n a Goth-sluts… !!! That never fucking stopped me before… !!!" Afterward we both asked ourselves why we didn't try harder, but we were content with our autographed albums and sat outside listening to the band perform.

    Shortly after the first song started, the backdoor opened and it was a security guard, which we'd both been avoiding. Suddenly he waved us both over and said, "Rozz thought you both made a great looking couple, so here's two backstage passes, and if, anyone asks about why either of you were back here, just say that you're both Rozz's Nephew's". Well, we aced like giddy school-girls with a "Yes, Sir… !!!" as a squealing came out of us both. However, Romeo though there was no harm by "guild the lily" even more and started speaking with a gay lisp. Spaniard's speak with a natural lisp anyway, but this was extremely obvious.

    We both enjoyed ourselves, but Romero kept on irritating me, with "Come on, Dude… !!! Just like, pretend we're a couple. Please….!!! I'll never tell anyone…!!!" We are still like brothers, but I knew better than to take him at his word. I couldn't force myself to pretend anyway, it's not in my nature and I couldn't speak with a lisp anyhow. It didn't stop him from occasionally slapping my butt, during the concert. As the concert came to a close, Rozz had apparently been watching us both, while act out our conversation. He was all sweaty and toweled himself off, asking us "Do you Goth-sluts, want to party… ???" Unbelievably, we were invited to the after-party at Rozz's place, which was strangely inviting as Romeo finally convinced me to finally keep my right-hand inside his back pants-pocket. Yes, we played the part ― So, in that sense, we were his Goth-sluts selling an image, but we'd never do it again for anyone else ― Except to meet Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins, at a different after-party, who told us, "I love watching two boys in-love" ― But that's a completely different story for another evening, my little Baby Bat's.

    It was extremely fun while playing with the "Big Goth-Kyd's" and they were our first true band experience, and we ended-up getting totally smashed. We both drank and smoked far too much pot, as well, so consequently we passing-out on the couch. Even though, we both had equally large hangover's the next day, we couldn't believe we had both slept on Rozz Williams couch. As goofy as that might sound to you, we kept repeating it for year's afterward, "We slept on Rozz William's couch… !!!" Just as proud as peacocks. Rozz was kind enough to lay a blanket over the two of us, while we slept. In the afternoon we thanked him for his gracious hospitality, but it was time to return home the next day.

    Meanwhile, during that intervening time, our parents basically called everyone we knew and even decided to call the police. When we got home, our parents were extremely pissed-off at us and his parents took-away his graduation present. So, he would have no car that Summer; but my Mother, was far more forgiving, so we kept driving my Volvo and both got Summer jobs at an old glass factory. That was no fun for me, because got a glass splinter lodged in my eye and ended up an emergency room. Sometimes, Romeo will still remind me about his car to this very day. Nevertheless, we stayed friends with Rozz for over 12 year's and we both decided to attend the University of California at Los Angeles, since we both had the same majors. When Rozz decided to commit suicide, we were living as roommates in an apartment about three miles away from him. We were home and heard the ambulance. He was distraught about breaking-up with his boyfriend for decades; but later, his ex-boyfriend would write a book, make interviews, and sell all of Rozz's paintings. He made a fortune off of Rozz's death, which we both resent to this day.

    To our friend Rozz, we faithfully attended the funeral together, as our Goth-hero virtually said to us, one last time ―

    "See Y'a Later, Goth-sluts….!!!"

    We still call each other "Goth-slut", enough for our wives to question, whether or not we'd done anything together; but, we're very comfortable together. We each have thriving Psychiatric Practice's, but I went into academics, because it's way too much fun. I'm now the "Goth-father" to my own coven, consisting of University Students. There are many more stories to tell, but hopefully this was entertaining to all of you. If "Cat" decides to continue making playlist's, I may be able to tell them to all of you.

    May all you Baby Bat's out there, find a lifelong friendship like mine.

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