A Gothic Rock playlist for baby bats

Hello! These songs serve as a little introduction to gothic rock for new goths out there. I included some of my favorites, I hope you enjoy them!
Remember, for those who wish to call themselves “goth”, please I recommend to educate yourself first with the overall history of the subculture, but most importantly the music since the subculture derives mainly from the music itself. If we keep calling ourselves “goth” without knowing about how it came to be or what bands helped kindle the movement, sadly with time the subculture will completely disappear or get mixed up with other genres.


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  1. Hey Cat ― What happened to Part II… ???
    Let me take a wild guess — Somebody complained about the beginning lyrics to "Romeo's Distress".

    Rozz Williams was not racist at all — He was referencing a horrible event that took place in Los Angeles during the 80's. He couldn't make any sense of how something so backwards and antiquated could happen in a sprawling metropolis like Southern California. "Romeo's Distress" is all his commentary about social responsibility and why do people still act like backwards hicks. I should have probably notified you earlier, but I didn't think about it until you had posted Part II and then consequently removed it. It's like you explain here, it's important to understand how and why the Goth Underground Subculture found it's way into today's masses. Cat ― You're wondering, if, you should be exposing yourself like this, because you don't want to get hurt. I use to be the exact same way.

    Goth's are not intrinsically racist, in fact, it's quite inclusive; however, we would never enforce such ideal's, as we often consider ourselves passive creatures and non-confrontational. Rozz Williams was a gay man, who wasn't very talkative about his relationships, but it was a way for more defiant gay-boys to be out, but they didn't identify with the rest of the gay scene. Rozz was my friend, as well as my hero. If anything, he was a very gentle guy, but he could have a very sharp tongue, which is a Goth characteristic going back over forty year's. Times are different now, but it's important for you to stand-up to other's who might otherwise misconstrue the meaning behind certain songs. I certainly understand that you're shy and reserved, because I was also the same, as well as very introverted. It finally took my best friend Romeo (no relation to the song), who was a complete extrovert to get me out among the masses. Back in the 80's people thought Goth's were Satan Worshipper's, so we were unmerciful attacked by outsiders ― Until, we stood up, against ignorance… !!!

    At that time, we sarcastically fed into peoples huge assumptions' about Goth's, so we weaponized their own stupidity against themselves ― Guess what ― It worked. Your generation aren't exposed to the same social prejudices I had to endure, in so many different ways, all other successive generations can thank my generation for paving the way. We older Goth's thought it was fun to jump into a mosh-pit and, if, we got punched while in there, then we took like any modern "Society of Goth's" (as a brotherhood & sisterhood), simply showing affection with each other and then later find each other to share a drink together. It was perfectly fine, if, we did it to ourselves, but not for outsider's to do to us.

    We protected each other, especially when we got soda's and food thrown at us, or, sometimes even physically attacked. Believe me, I've had people do that to me and my friends. Fortunately, our nasty attitude towards outsiders was a natural reaction, but I've watched you're generation of Goth's attending my lectures at the auditorium where I teach, become quite friendly and expressive with other non-Goth's, which is fun to watch from my perspective. And yes, we Classic Goth's do tend to have advanced university degrees. I do hold a Ph.D. in Psychology and also a Psychiatric Practice.

    I hope this helps you Cat…. ??? On these topics, I can speak as a founding-member about what was once a difficult lifestyle. Love yourself enough to stand-up for the correct societal issues and find social justice for everyone to be equals. If there are outsiders who refuse to understand you (and there will be), then I give you permission to tell them to go ― "F*ck Themselves".

    Alright My Goth-Kyd. Write me about anything on your mind.

  2. "If you spell Goth with a capitol 'G', you're probably a 'True Goth' — Only "posers" use the small 'g' because for those people, this is just a 'temporary teenage phase' "

    Yeah, it's a really snobbish and pretentious statement; but, if you're going to really embrace all that is Goth, then it's an obnoxiously simple but true statement. Remember, it was Joy Division who invented the sound, while Bauhaus established the look, and then you add you're own splash of snye unrepentant, morose, sardonic sense humor with attitude ― Boom… !!!! Then you get an entire music movement started. Goth is a lifestyle and a mind-set. It's important for all the "Baby Bats" to understand the Underground Subculture's beginnings, histrionics', and subtle nuances.

    It was 1982 and I was twelve year's old, so I was attending a private Christian School, but there was the University of California at Santa Cruz radio station. I could barely tune in on the radio, but there was a British Goth-girl who brought all the latest and best music with her from England, so she booked an eleven-thirty to one-thirty evening slot. I already wore a black uniform at school, but I discovered a buddy of mine named Romeo, who also liked the exact same radio station. The only real "outward" form of rebellion we were allowed at school, was to wear the eight-hole Doc Marten's with brass eyelet's and we both shaved the sides of our heads, so our hair had the perfect flop to one side, but on weekends we'd break out the vacuum cleaner-hose blasting Aquanet hairspray to make spikes. Yes, we'd rip into Kool-Aid packets to color our hair and have stained fingers for days afterward. Occasionally, we'd swoop our head's, flopping our long hair to the either side just to annoy everybody.

    Yet, there was always the music; Xmal Deutschland, Christian Death, Mephisto Waltz, Bauhaus, Siouxie & The Banshee's, Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy, Alien Sex Fiend, Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Clan of Xymox, and the list goes on and on.

    xx_C4TY_xx ― I'd love to hear a Volume II, but include songs suggested from the Goth-father's, like myself included; "Incubus Succubus", "Wax and Wane", "Romeo's Distress" and "Muscoveit Mosquito". For what it's worth, this walk down memory lane, gave you another subscriber. It's a great job, from one Goth-kyd to another….. !!!!