A Perfect Circle – Judith (Official Music Video)

 A Perfect Circle – Judith (Official Music Video)

REMASTERED IN HD! Music video by A Perfect Circle performing Judith (Unedited Video). #APerfectCircle #Judith #Remastered.



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  • Love me some diet TOOL

  • "Doubt is the beginning of wisdom." – Aristotle

  • Thank god this song exist.

    (Sarcastic Atheist cracking a smile inside) 👽

  • Rocks

  • I was born a christian and saved love this song

  • Your mom was right, you made an awesome song. Congratulations Mom won

  • still incredible.

  • Whoever directed this – they're great.

  • Amazing I still have goosebumps 👌

  • so good

  • Paz is the shit.

  • My mother waS also a devout christian until her suicide…this song feels totally different now.

  • The most under appreciated band of the early 2000s

  • This punk mf think I like him over Jesus lol

  • Couldn't member the song I wanted to hear, so I defaulted to Johnny Horton. Fuckin youtube algorithm, eh?

  • Greatest song that is Christian

  • Warning: This song is heavy. Sit comfortably

  • 1:55 ..always incredible hot.

  • Still to this day I blare this while at the track, and gym.

  • musica de verdad los amo

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  • Hosea fmr Torah 9:7

  • god burned me. he burned me bad. i wont forget. i wont forgive

  • the world needs more artists like you. it would be better off.

  • 2022

  • Sublime 💪🏾

  • My jewditch kult her 🐍 elf maΓγ

  • "l stabbed sum ✝️ hang", Caleb of Judah

  • shoe death "light"

  • love the free fall in this song….addictive

  • Directed by David Fincher

  • 2022, song still crushes. Still can't get any of my many cover bands to play it.

  • Love this song!

  • Whoa! Watch them perform this on Conan. I am going to cry. I assumed that most groups can't match the power of their studio tracks, when performing live. Maynard is the exception. Maynard is stunning. Bummed I never saw him live. I think he wears a wig for this. Maynard can do no wrong in my eyes.

  • Can someone explain to me why Maynard has long, shaggy hair in this video?

  • does anyone know the acual message of this song? if u do then u shoud be proud of yoursef!

  • I think my picture of Paz speaks volumes. And, Vinnie says, "Gentlemen meet my boy, Little Jim. Little Jim is no Musician and no Rapper. Little Jim draws things, he can't say. Little Jim is unmistakable. This kid, old man, he drew 1 picture and I hired him, immediately.".

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  • he watched his Mom suffer in her final yrs

  • I feel sorry for him. His mom has faith in Jesus. He has faith in anger.

  • Buena

  • 1 & 2 This and Everything Dies by Type O

  • Masterpiece

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