Adora Batbrat Is Hated In The Goth Community

 Adora Batbrat Is Hated In The Goth Community

Adora BatBrat is the embarrassment of the goth community…☕
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  • How tf does she think it's okay to dress up as a "rape victim"

  • Well, shes not even a goth to begin with. Shes a rivethead which is wat we called industrial music fans as. So she already got bad reputation in the goth community for her self-claim “Goth queen“ in first place when she is actually not even part of the community. Then her halloween post just makes it worst. And since she claims herself a goth and everyone outside the community also think of her as one, watever she does affects the Goth community and gives us more bad reputation for something we actually have nothing to do with .

  • Than don't watch her! God, Ya'll are Snowflakes

  • She's lder than my mom, and I'm 27. Met her in 2013. Hated her since lol

  • I think the bigger topic here is how much that community fosters negative behavior and creates environments where such types of incidents occur. I mean I only lived the majority of my life like that. If anything this could very well be her own way of dealing with trauma & a very REAL problem in the goth community. She seems like a sick individual either way. Usually at some point in life you find healthier outlets. Nevertheless I wouldn’t consider the bar for this individual too high. (Sry I’m trying to be polite but idk if it’s coming off that way) 🥴 Anyways I wish everyone the best & peace of nothing else. ✌🏼

  • Anything for attention… negative or positive… just attention!

  • Like What? Kinda like you and your views on vids? Profitable evil is evil we can all understand…. Am I right. I know I am

  • Dude idk what you all think goth culture is but this aint it

  • she is 50. she should know better

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