AFI – Love Like Winter (Official Music Video)

REMASTERED IN HD! Music video by AFI performing Love Like Winter. (C) 2006 Interscope Records #AFI #LoveLikeWinter #Remastered.


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  1. Back in high school, we were allowed to bring music to run to in gym and I took an AFI cd once. I think I tried a different cd but the explicit warning sticker made the teacher not want to play it 😑 (that was annoying).
    The same teacher played Eye of the Tiger every time we had to run so I think he allowed cds to make students complain less

  2. Here, 12 years later, still one of those songs that touch deep into my soul. I remember how one of my sisters told me I was weird cause' I liked Davey's look xD . I think he looks better without makeup, but I loved the Decemberunderground look, for all band memebers. And for some real strange reason, that ending is just gorgeous.

  3. Remastered? Is that the new word for "Garbage Level Quality Audio". You should make a new codec, GLQA (Garbage Level, Quality Audio), because this record company has clearly never heard of FLAC.

    They're probably the same hipster fools who tried to ban CDs, so they could sell records. Probably the same dudes who tried to ban MP3s.

    Money is all that any band ever cares about and we all know that American music is all-about-money. They don't know how to read music – it's all dollar signs.

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