An Interview with Ronan Harris of VNV Nation about 80's Goth and Post-Punk

Shot by Katarina Sjöstrand and Alex Baker New-Wave Gothic Indie Shoegaze Art-Punk Minimal Electro Cold-Wave Music, Art, Culture, Fashion, and Lifestyle

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20 thoughts on “An Interview with Ronan Harris of VNV Nation about 80's Goth and Post-Punk”

  1. I was born in 72 ( just turned 48 ) and was blessed to be able to experience ALL the 80's industrial / EBM/ goth / post punk. Still banging it today in the car and home.

  2. Never liked that name 'New Romantics' The blitz club in London (Rusty Egan) first said that, not on,, we were futurists. Great interview Ronan. Spot on discriptions. I'm about the same age as you & felt exactly as you did then with what was happening back then. Still a die hard analogue synth player & haven't stopped collecting old synths. Brill interview Ronan! Best wishes.
    djed_ on instagram

  3. In late 78/1980, in the North of England. We were known as futurists. Then it turned shizz mid 1983 when everyone got on the band wagon & into synths, especially digital keyboards, & then shit bands emerged such as "the Thompson twins", "Howard Jones" & nick kershaw. We were futurists until the media went to the blitz club where Rusty Egan refferd to it as "New Romantics". Spoilt it for alot of us die hard futurists :/

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