Anatomy of Goth

 Anatomy of Goth

What does it mean to be goth—to be an outsider, to live both on the margins and in the midst of society? Filmmakers Jordan Hemingway and Alban Adam prize open the coffin on a world of darkness and light, exploring its multiplicities and intersections with subcultures and the ever-present experience of queerness. Hemingway’s film is comprised of a series of vignettes that were originally aired during our last season, #FiveDaysOfDarkness. Each section is an entire life that, when brought together, reveal a diverse world where glitz, gore and glamour walk hand-in-hand.

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  • I'm in LovE

  • Bloody 🧛🏻‍♂️

  • Idiots

  • I can't say I agree with saying the Goth scene is inclusive. There is and always will be elitism and gatekeeping. Having said that, there are people in the scene who are very open and are happy to welcome newcomers. It's a beautiful scene that attracts those who never wanted to conform to what society deems acceptable. This of course leads to being marginalized which eventually leads to seeking out others who are also the same way inclined, as is the case with Goths or any other subculture. This is what I love about the Goth subculture. We should all feel safe and accepted in our scene. Not being "Goth" enough is just elitist and wrong. I applaud Parma.ham and his creativity. He really is redefining what it means to be Goth in the 21st century.

  • the people in this video are telling their truths, and they do not owe anyone a lesson or introduction on what goth is.
    for those confused why gender and sexuality feature so prominently clearly lack knowledge of London goth, and the batcave and blitz clubs.

  • Shit!! Crazist in the world!

  • this is my third video on this channel and i honestly have no idea what's going on. still trying to gauge the art to documentary ratio. heavily leaning towards the former.

  • Everything else was really boring. I agree.. have to dress proper in everyday work life though.. whats in your head is the most important though.

  • I love the way the director choose to film this. I would like it to be longer though!!!

  • I love The british accent

  • omgoth

  • Considering the vast majority of people in this video were strictly talking about how the scene made them feel and their experiences in it, I didn't get butt hurt that it wasn't a historical break down of the whole thing.

    I think the title was misleading, which probably lended itself to people's complaints, but they were all speaking their truths. Definitely reminded me of a lot of the older goths I knew.

  • G YesUs : )

  • "What does it mean to be goth—to be an outsider, to live both on the margins and in the midst of society?" Liking the music, as well as sacking Rome. Question answered.

  • Jesus loves you
    We are saved through God's grace not by our works alone because we are all sinners. Thank God sent his only son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. Repent for your sins and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. May God bless you all

  • Goths are becoming a rarity. I remember back in the early 2000s in the mall there was always that pack of goths. I never see any today.

  • Super cool. Thanks for sharing, much appreciated.

  • What is the name of the song playing at the end?

  • Daaaayuuummm dat Mowhawk is IN.SANE.

  • There's me thinking it was mainly about music, literature, architecture and fashion. Silly me.

  • OK…so they're only speaking for the "queers" in the community, which is fine, but that doesn't speak for the whole community. Gender-bending is common within the scene, but that's usually for show. You're free to be yourself, but the basis of the scene is the music, and this video completely missed that.

  • To say that Goth is only about sexuality and gender isn't even the tip of the iceberg. It's a freedom of expression. This video is nice but it makes it seem like everyone in the scene is all transsexuals and cross dressers. When that's only one part of the scene. I don't like this video.

  • – most kids grow out of it.

  • I like the presentation, but what's with the gender queer and sexuality narrative being driven in here ?
    I've been part of both the metal and goth scene since 8th grade and I'm now 27 years old.
    Both scenes have proven to be pretty inclusive for different sorts of people as long as your in it for the MUSIC.
    The political rhetoric only ruins scenes, so that shit should stay out since young people find it incredibly uncool.

  • I love goth, but this seemed like a pile of pretentious crap >_< 'Look at me, I'm so different and dark and ethereal and moody'… don't take yourselves so seriously.

  • weirdos forever banded together

  • If it doesn't involve the MUSIC which is our roots then your version of GOTH is non-existent
    We can have looks and thats fine and all but what really makes a person Goth is their taste in the MUSIC .

  • should be longer

  • Okay but that one guy's deathhawk is fucking awesome, how did he get it so big omg

  • Uhhh, what about the music? You know the whole core of goth.

  • So cool to also see Goths of African descent in this…i have to see more! 😀

  • @itsblakfriday should react to this

  • I mean, yes extreme fashion is encouraged and the subculture definitely is a home for disenfranchised people, but that's not ALL goth is.

  • Parma Ham <3

  • Goth is beyond gender …beyond belonging…beyond looks….beyond all everything stated in this video…taking spects of the goth subculture such as painted nails and make up for either sexes and using it as a way to make things easier for yourself to be accepted by others, just by stating that its goth so its fine is very disrespectful and sad indeed. Just an opinion , not trying to upset anyone. But being considerate towards others is what makes us whole. This video left sadness in my soul

  • They're as scary as women wearing those black Burqas

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