Angels of Liberty – gothic rock – vampires

 Angels of Liberty – gothic rock – vampires

Promo video for Uk goth rock band “Angels of LIberty”. Video made for a goth rock party organised by Gothic Crypt Productions and taking place in Athens …


Gothic Crypt

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  • RIP Voe Saint-Claire. Thanks for the great music.

  • 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • I'm not into this forced gothness and darkness, but I must say the first song kicks ass and it's their best. Too bad the album version of it is much worse.

  • what's the song called around the beginning where you hear someone singing "Welcome to a world of darkness"?


  • Cheers for the nice tits at 1:42 🙂 nice music too

  • Excellent musik!

  • Hello , if you mean the soprano vocals on the intro it's ELEND (band) from "Umbersun" (album). I can't recall the exact song though, sorry 🙂 . The rest of the songs that are heard in the video are listed in the "details" under the vid. Cheers

  • fantastic song and video!!!!!!!

  • oh I see…it's "shadows come from light". You can also find this one one youtube. Grear track as well. If you press the "see more" button under the vid, you'll see all the tracks that are heard in the vid.

  • Sorry i ment the song right after that clip. i didn't track it correctly.

    i believe it begins at 2:22

  • it's "monster in me" . You can listen to the full song here on youtube. It's uploaded. cheers

  • What is the track that begins at 2:19

  • Just found out about this band. Thanks for posting. Thumbs up!!! B)

  • Awesome music love it cool 🙂

  • great sound!!! pure darkwave goth!!!

  • Trying???!!!! You guys mastered it with PH.D's. You are insanely excellent! I instantly fell in love with your music. My jaw was dropped when I heard "blood thief" for the first time, I'm not kidding. I wish you guys all the success you deserve it. Thank you so much for your beautiful music!

  • "interview with the vampire" starring Tom Cruise, Brad Pit, Antonio Bnaderas. it's from a vampire novel of Ann Rice.

  • What movie is on 2:48???

  • Someones trying to! We are trying……:)

  • Someone ought to make proper goth rock again. Fantastic video

  • Excellent promotion for AOL in the usual high standards of GothicCrypt, keep spreading the plague…

  • Everything I love about goth rock in just 4:30 minutes! Awesome

  • WOAH!!! Awsome WORK! I love this! ThUMBS WAY UP!!!

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