Aviators – No One Will Save You (Bloodborne Song | Gothic Rock)

 Aviators – No One Will Save You (Bloodborne Song | Gothic Rock)

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“You’ll be one of them, sooner or later…”

Here’s some more dark and spooky music from my latest EP! This is a song about the story of Father Gascoigne and his young daughter who waits for him while he is out on the hunt. The night is looking grim and the screams are only getting louder, and he is torn with guilt knowing she will likely never see morning.

You can find instrumentals and vocal stems here:


I hear music in the air tonight
One familiar fading tune
Something pulls at my infected soul
I think I remember you

I burned your world away
Devoured by my conviction
I left you home afraid
While mother’s ventured out
Don’t cry when lanterns fade
Soon we’ll be awakened
But it breaks my heart to say
No one will save you now

I could be your own avenging angel
But this dream is ending soon
Don’t you scream when all the wolves come find you
Underneath this bleeding moon

Listen closely for your sister’s footsteps
Lest you fade here all alone
I have never seen a night this haunting
In these streets of blood and bone
I can’t hold the beast that crawls through my veins
Sacrificing my own eyes
No confessions left to purify me
Something’s watching from the skies

I hear music in the air tonight
One familiar fading tune
I can’t save you from the monsters coming
But we’ll wake up very soon

Forgive me…



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  • I love how there are three stages here the first one sad, the second one more angry, and the third still sad, but somewhat accepting.

  • Great song

  • The fact the narrator can only hope to be the little girl's "avenging angel" is grim as hell. He's given up on the possibility of saving her and the only comfort he can give her is avenging her death.

  • Incrivel

  • Hhhhh

  • Ggh

  • 11/10/2022 8:15 PM Seriously cock isn't that bad. – Poovious

  • aiviaTurk .

  • Scandra (Days) & Hayden

  • GG 12:12

  • Heeiii soy el comentario n°2000

  • I was with my brothers and sons. They were all so young, so full of life, passion, and potential. Yet here they decided to stand with me before the hoard that arrived at our door. Even before the first clash came, I knew what the outcome would be, it had happened to me before.

    … shift back…

    In another life I stood around piles of corpses. Was it another mad magician, or demons? It didn't matter to me anymore, I had fought this fight a dozen times before, I would fight it a dozen more. It didn't matter how many foes came at me. It didn't matter how many friends I pulled from harm's way, In the end…

    …shift back…

    The first time always stuck with me. Every time I found myself alone on the battlefield I reminisced. Even as little as I was, with how little I knew of the world. A collection of tents burned around me, bodies of my clan lie around me. It was the first time I was the last one standing. If I would have known the pain that I would be dealt, and the pain I would deal to others and the world…. Would I have made sure that was the last time I was the last one?

    …shift present…

    I shook the destructive thoughts from my mind. I tried not to dwell on them. I charged with my kin and the hoards melted before us. To be the last one standing didn't simply mean outlasting your foes. You outlasted your friends as well. This time though, for the first time in a very very long time I hoped that I was not the last one standing, that these men dying next to me would be standing next to me in the end.

  • I always wanted to escort her to djura, surely if he can care for those who lost their humanity he can protect those who still have theirs.

  • hi I love y0u

  • I’ll save me, asshoke😊

  • bom ou melhor tanto faz

  • Amazing song favorite of mine

  • Jesus will save you.

  • Gothic rock? You mean gothnic metal?

  • This should be on the last season of Stranger Things

  • this is still absolutely amazing even 5 years on.

  • 🧡🧡🧡🖤🧡🧡🧡

  • Wow, I have been into Bloodborne and it's gmvs from the start…
    First time I find this and I am mesmerized 😍🤘🏻

  • The end sounds like wrestling with sleep paralysis figures that aren't human. Not since I've moved have a delt with paralysis to the extent of being flung across the room against the wall from my loft bed then. It didn't happen fiscally but it felt like it happened just without the searing pain. That was a very old apt building, Erie presence sometimes at night, seeing an apparition in the bathroom once. My dad seeing one as well in the kitchen that resembled a relative that passed away over 20 years ago.

  • The only true thing in this world. No one will save you

  • That isnt her sister, she just wanted the girl's broach

  • Dude that fucking color transition at the end gave me chills.

  • After a few failed attempts to escape the soul's universe i came back for more punishment, i deserved it.

  • I know this a blood borne song but it works with so many other games.

  • I listen to the song everytime I fight Gascoigne and I almost tear up everytime

  • Fun Fact: The lyric "I hear music in the air tonight, one familiar fading tune" is a talking about the Music Box the little girl gives you (Gascoigne's Daughter) and for those who have not played Bloodborne or not aware it can stun him if you play it in his boss fight so I like that nice job Aviators

  • Farewell good Hunter May you find your worth in the waking world

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