Aviators – Outside (Bloodborne Song | Gothic Rock)

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A hunter’s work is never done.

Returning to the dark streets of Bloodborne, my new single “Outside” captures the tragic plight of Gilbert, the man in the window. Isolated in his room due to his sickness, he slowly feels his body transforming and his mind becoming weak. In his last days, a lone hunter arrives at his window to give him hope that maybe at last the nightmare will end.

This single comes from my upcoming album, “Dreams of the Deep” arriving on February 19th. More fantasy and sci-fi songs are on the way! The original teased release date for the album was December 2020, but that proved to be unreachable. Ignore the Bandcamp teaser (whoops)!

Artwork is by https://www.deviantart.com/abluskittle (@ABluSkittle )


It is my own home’s affliction
Behind bars within a cage
I’ve been marked the plague’s possession
And I’ve been locked in for days
There’s a ruckus in the streets
Those I begged to stay inside
Soon the noise gives way to silence
For a moonlit lullaby
Oh my mind,
Oh my mind,
Thoughts are fleeting all the time
I feel bones begin to splinter
As my fever starts to climb
Who’s to blame,
Who’s to blame
For the blood that wrought this shame
Now my ears have started ringing
To a symphony of pain

My blood’s contagion
Brings transformation
But all I want before the doom
Is to see the streets outside this room
Don’t leave me waiting
My lantern’s fading
And I won’t be awake to see
The monster that becomes of me
Let me see the sky one last time
Come home and take me outside

The new beast is isolation
When I’m haunting my own home
I feel my walls closing inward
And my soul leaves me alone
Here I struggle in the darkness
To remember my own name
I’ve caught glimpses through the window
That the world is not the same
Flesh and bone
Hunger’s grown
Cries become an endless drone
I fear soon I’ll be the hunted
Like the multitudes below
Someone’s there
Someone’s there
Night is coming and I’m scared
Starving wolves outside are howling
And I join them in their prayer

Dark signs
Flashing in my
Cold mind
Succumbing now with no time
Left to cure the pain
Pale and
Clawing blindly
Life still
Clinging tightly
But my own blood has been claimed


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  1. The thing I noticed in the lyrics "Oh my mind oh my mind thoughts are fleeting all the time,I feel bones begin to splinter as my fever starts to climb" and "Who's to blame who's to blame for the blood that wrought this shame my, now ears have started ringing to a symphony of pain" These lyrics are describing what it's like to turn into a beast and that's sad