Beautiful Kie Gothic Rock Girl Underground Festival Live Bands Artism Festa 121011 HD 2322.MTS

This Gothic J-Pop Festival is Tokyo’s Premier Underground Live Band Event. “Artism Festa” occurs every few months (next one is March 2012) and is almost exclusively know to very cool Japanese fans. Bands playing live included Zodiaque, Toxic Strawberry, Zwecklos, HimemaniK, Dark Insanity, Q, Kimaira, and the Zombie Lolitas (unbelieveable!) . In between sets, the dance beat continued with DJ’ing by the amazing DJ Chihiro, DJ Raveman (Aural Vampire), DJ Manik (HimemaniK) and DJ tAk (zwecklos). Ikebukuro’s “Live Inn Rosa” is open almost every day, and plays mostly J-Pop Music and is located only about 5 minute walk from the West Exit of Ikebukuro Station, Tokyo Japan. Check their website for details. Filmed over a 2 day period December 10, 11, 2011 in High Definition.


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