Best Female voices in Gothic.

In my opinion the best singers in gothic music, including, gothic metal, alternative, electro medieval, and Darkwave. in this i didn’t …


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  1. At least if you want ANYONE to take your opinions seriously. Be diplomatic when stating opinions or reviews, not just an ass. I did however, enjoy the Diablo Swing Orchestra, that was new and refreshing!

  2. I watched your "Worst Singers" video as well and I have to say you have weird, bipolar taste in female voices. Just because you don't like the tambre of someone's voice doesn't mean they can't sing, or that they have no talent. Frankly, half the artists you put here are annoying as f*ck, but I'm not going to say they don't have talent, or that they can't sing. Opinions are your own, but don't say someone has no talent at all just because you don't care for the tone, or style of their voice.

  3. @NexSapphireBrast well, even if you dont like them, Within Temptation and Lacuna Coil along with Tristania, Therion, The Gathering and Theather of Tragedy were some groups that made up this genre like we know it! thanks to them, theres a lot of bands from this genre

    Within Temptation was Doom Metal, then Gothic and Celtic Metal, then Symphonic metal and now they are between Symphonic metal/rock 🙂 Sharon was one of the first women on these genres

    I luv Vibeke, but she´s not here anymore

  4. you're welcome
    haha you see? this is the job of art, I agree that they're the best, just don't think the others are the worst…
    and I said it because I sing too (and not how you see in my channel, that's boredom -.-'), for real and I met Renee Fleming last month *__*
    there are other singers who can't even understand what they're singing –'

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