Best Goth, Postpunk & Synth Wave Music in 2022 [TOP 72 │Mix+Compilation+Playlist]

 Best Goth, Postpunk & Synth Wave Music in 2022 [TOP 72 │Mix+Compilation+Playlist]

#goth #postpunk #synthwave

Best Goth, Postpunk & Synth Wave Music in 2022 [TOP 72 │Mix+Compilation+Playlist]

Music Vlogmas is a compilation including the best music released by post-punk, goth, synthpop, and indie underground bands in 2022. Daily music videos created during the month of Christmas to celebrate the year 2022 in music by posting one video every day from the 1st to the 25th of December.

💿 Playlist on Spotify: [24/12/2022]
🎬 Music Vlogmas Videos 2022:

Buzz Kull – Dancing With Machines (Fascination) [Australia]
A Projection – No Control (In A Different Light) [Sweden]
The Soft Moon – Become The Lies (Exister) [USA]
Vandal Moon – Sweet Disaster (Queen Of The Night) [USA]
Hørd – Ice (Sciences – LP#4) [France]
Je T’Aime – Unleashed (Passive+Agressive) [France]
Gothzilla – Cast No Shadow (Cast No Shadow) [UK]
Preoccupations – Fix Bayonets! (Arrangements) [Canada]
Electro Spectre – Breath of a Miracle (Stereo Dreams PT1) [Norway]
M!R!M – Desert Love (feat. Nuovo Testamento) (Time Traitor) [Italy/UK]
Fashion Club – Pantomime (Scrutiny) [USA]
Night Sins – Violet Age (Violet Age) [USA]
Priest – Perfect Body Machine (Body Machine) [Sweden]
Haunt Me – Night Prowler (Don’t Fall Asleep2) [USA]
Nyx Division – Renegade (Dark Star) [USA]
VR SEX – Snake Water (Rough Dimension) [USA]
The Vacant Lots – Disintegration (Closure) [USA]
PVA – Bad Dad (Blush) [UK]
Plastic Estate – There Must Be More Than This (Plastic Estate) [UK]
Sextile – Modern Weekend (Modern Weekend) [USA]
Thus Love – In Tandem (Memorial) [USA]
Then Comes Silence – Cold from Inside (Hunger) [Sweden]
Missvnaries Ov Charity – Cvm Again (Hvmanity as a hole) [Denmark]
The Serfs – The Willows (Primal Matter) [USA]
Death Comes Crawling – Next Wave (Forever Morbid) [Australia]
Donzii – Grave (Fishbowl) [USA]
Aurat – ¿Can You Hear Me? (Khaar) [USA]
Patriarchy – Suffer (The Unself) [USA]
Bara Hari – Tempest (Tempest) [USA]
European Ghost – No Peace, No Sleep, No Shelter (No Peace, No Sleep, No Shelter) [Italy]
Big Joanie – Sainted (Back Home) [UK]
Sacred Skin – Fever (The Decline of Pleasure) [USA]
Actors – It Goes Away (Reanimated) [Canada]
Girls In Synthesis – Watch With Mother (The Rest Is Distraction) [UK]
Clamm – Bit Much (Care) [Australia]
Ghum – Some People (Bitter) [UK]
Schonwald – Revelation (Formula) [Italy]
Blind Seagull – Inanity (Personal Decay) [Russia]
Propter Hoc – History the Operator (History the Operator) [UK]
Sydney Valette – Crystal Heart (Home Alone LP6) [France]
Houses of Heaven – Sightline (Sightline) [USA]
Floating Ashes – I See You (Signals) [Portugal]
Ghost Cop – You can Never Go Home (End Credits+) [USA]
Possessor – Modern Monster (Fatal Fixation) [USA]
Bendi Boi – Gözzas (Meine Gäste) [South Corea]
Dame Area – Tempio senza Luce (Toda la mentira sobre Dame Area) [Spain]
Ces Cadáveres – La union perfecta entre el baile y placer (La union perfecta entre el baile y el placer) [USA]
SPZkr – Pilastri (Punto e Forma) [Italy]
Turquoise – Le bruit (Lumio) [Belgium]
True Body – Signal (Temple Of Song) [USA]
Adrenochrome – Lost City (In Memoriam) [USA]
Kryształ – Zwykły człowiek (Kryształ) [Poland]
False Figure – Plexus (Castigations) [USA]
Crime of Passing – Off My Shoulder (Crime of Passing) [USA]
Principe Valiente – Never Change (Barricades) [Sweden]
October Burns Black – Black Veil (Two World Collide)
Same Eyes – Schism (Victory) [USA]
Tempers – Carried Away (New Meaning) [USA]
Misfortunes – Android (Brilliant Endings) [Greece]
Ángel De La Guarda – Vienen (Sentencia) [Chile]
Lauer – Neway (Cyclone Days) [Germany]
Syneba – Dopamine (Hypothermia) [Spain]
T.G.T.B. – Precipitous (Stockholm Soul) [Sweden]
Desmond Doom – It’s All Falling Down (Surf-Goth) [Australia]
Gorodki – The Perfect Girl (The Perfect Girl) [Russia]
Snake – Hibernate (Undreams) [Sweden]
The Flatfield – This Storm (The Shadow Self) [Finland]
Diavol Strâin – Destino Destrucción (Elegía del Olvido/Elegía del Horror) [Chile]
Deathtrippers – Shadows & Whispers (Passion & Fire) [UK]
Happy Phantom – I Was Wrong (Requiem) [USA]
Pullo – Common Wine (Common Wine) [Indonesia]
Aeon Rings – September Sober (Enemy)

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