Best Gothic Rock Music Videos (2015)

Best Gothic Rock Music Videos (2015) 1. She Past Away – Asimilasyon 2. Ash Code – Nite Rite …


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  1. They sucked, wtf! I swear every one of the songs sounded the same, sounds like everything related to rock is truly dead specially art. Sorry to be negative my apologies to everyone but come on, we can't revive something by going back to the beginning n copying it all over again, everything evolves to something better, problem is no one wants to be original.

  2. most modern goth bands lack originality, they all sound the same , in the old days bands didnt set out to be goth , they just had a sound of sweet dispair and they were labeled goth and you are made that by the public , bands like Bauhaus , Siouxie , the cure etc. now a days bands like she past away and others like them set a dark tone and sound like no one else , so they can pull it off , and some would consider them dance goth or dark wave , but it comes down to the goth community and what they like , to me most bands that set out as a goth bands all sound like they are following the goth recipe and they all sound like sisters clones or worst .