Communion After Dark -12/27/2022 – Year End Show pt. 1 – Dark Alternative, Industrial, Synthpop

 Communion After Dark -12/27/2022 – Year End Show pt. 1 – Dark Alternative, Industrial, Synthpop

We are a weekly podcast bringing you the newest Gothic/Industrial, EBM, and Electro music from around the world. DJs Mark Paradise, Tom Gold, and Winters are based in Tampa, Florida, US. The tracklist is in the comments section.



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Opening intro from: Violent Night
Background music during talking parts: Front Line Assembly – Rise


Communion After Dark

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  • Tracklisting December 26th, 2022 Year End Pt. 1

    DJ Name: Paradise

    01:03 Ashbury Heights feat, Madil Hardis (Sweden/Germany) – A Cut in A Place – Digital Single – Out of Line Music –

    05:54 Eisfabrik (Germany) – Wait For a Sign – Life Below Zero – NoCut Entertainment –

    09:56 Solitary Experiments (Germany) – Every Now and Then – Transcendent – Out of Line Music –

    14:29 Rue Oberkampf (Germany) – Hope and Fear – Liebe – Young and Cold Records –

    19:53 Extize (Germany) – Gremlins in the System – MonStars – darkTunes Music Group –

    23:49 Massive Ego (UK) – Fake Star – The New Normal – Out of Line Music –

    27:58 Zynic (Germany) – Algorythm Slave – Best Before End – Zedsdead Records –

    32:02 Communion After Dark – Shot of the Week

    DJ Name: Gold

    41:34 Alienare (Germany) – Wrong – Diamonds EP – Team H Entertainment

    45:06 Beyond Border (Germany) – Gaslighting – Sinner EP – Bandcamp

    48:59 Vanguard (Germany) – Ragnarok – Spectrum – Infacted Recordings

    52:51 Beyond Obsession (Germany) – Scientists – Monopop EP ONE (MEANING) – self released

    57:57 Welle:Erdball (Germany) – Drogenexzess im Musikexpress – Film, Funk und Fernsehen – Nexilis / Schubert Music

    1:02:13 Suicide Commando (Belgium) – I'd Die For You (V.2.O) – Goddestruktor – Out Of Line Records

    1:06:10 Hocico (Mexico) – Hacked Society – HyperViolent – Out Of Line Records

    1:11:28 Communion After Dark (Talking)

    DJ Name: Winters

    1:18:49 Fluid Ghost (France) – Persuasion – Persuasion Deluxe – Mother Solitude Records

    1:23:34 Sydney Valette (France) – Pandora – Home Alone – Young & Cold Records

    1:26:59 AEON RINGS (US) – Lover – ENEMY – Negative Gain

    1:31:05 ULTRA SUNN (UK) – Distress – Night Is Mine EP – Vorwärts Edition – Cold Transmission –

    1:35:20 Curse Mackey (US) – Smoking Tongues – Immoral Emporium – Negative Gain –

    1:39:07 Paradox Obscur (Germany) – Evo-Devo – Morphogenesis – Metropolis Records –

    1:42:55 Communion After Dark Talking

    1:52:10 Elezoria (Russia) – Temporary – Apart – SkyQode

    1:57:49 Communion After Dark (Comments from our listeners)

  • GREAT year-end show as always! I cannot believe you read almost all of my massive comment too!… But you DID ask! haha. 😀

    That IAMX release was a live recordings release this year (from 2019 gigs)… I liked that track for a while, but this recording is my favourite version of it by far now (I finally got into IAMX a lot more late this year).

    Anyway, thank you all for an amazing year!! See my post on fb how I listened to this show 🙂

  • Another great show, thank you for bringing us some great new music in 2022, all the best for 2023 !!!

  • New sub. Have really been enjoying the shows.

  • it's always a pleasure, to see (and hear) how much you like the german stuff. Great years end set from all of you. Happy new year to you guys.

  • Thank you for so much good music all over the year!!
    Wish you, and everyone listening here, all the best for the new year! May it be peaceful and also, of course, full of good music.
    I'm looking forward to many good live music (Depeche Mode, Rammstein, And One, …) and a bunch of new material every week here on this channel.

  • Another excellent show CAD crew! I keep meaning to comment, but life has been hectic. If I had to put together a seven song set list of my favorite tracks for the year, here's what it would look like in your format:
    Apashe & Vladimir Cauchemar (Canada/France) – RIP – Digital Single – Kannibalen Records

    Istasha & KAMAARA (Sweden/America) – Roach Latency – Digital Single – Self Released (fun fact, KAMAARA is actually a Fort Lauderdale, Florida based musician)

    Beat Rebel, Morbid Fears, Erik Ekholm (Sweden) – Cheetah – Digital Single – Brickwall Audio

    Mobiius (Japan) – Choke – Digital Single – Self Released
    Local Suicide & Skelesys (Germany) – Naked And Confused – You Are Mine EP – Snap, Crackle & Pop
    Bitch Cat (America) – Diamonds Turn Black (Dresage’s Version) – Digital Single – Head Bitch Music

    Garçons (?) – Shellshock – Digital Single – Moretin

    I hope you all have a great New Year's, and here's to many more episodes!

  • I really needed this!!! THANK YOU 👍 🤘

  • Jazz marionette^^

  • Long time listener and liking the Kaiju talk, haha. Big collector of Godzilla, I have well over 200 figures. Even collect the VHS tapes, DVDs, posters, etc. Keep up the good tunes, always stoked to listen.

  • Txol ona, jende!!!. Segi horrela!!!

  • To all you. Have. A. Good. Christmas did all?

  • 💜💜💜💜💜Let's hope that 2023 will bring great music again!!
    Thnks for an awesome 2022!!🦇🦇🦇👻👻👻👻👻

  • Thank you CAD for 2022. Heard every Show, every week ❤️ helped me very much through good and Bad Times. Lovely greetings to Maus, too. Hope shes doing well ❤️ keep on next year, greeaat Show.

  • What it says about "drink get drink"? )))

  • That 1st track of Golds set, Alienare- Wrong what a tune 😀

  • Thank you for a year of tunes! Can't wait to hear more in 2023! 👍

  • I really love this. Massive Ego is my favorite and I hope I get to be your music list sometime since I'll be doing music soon.

  • Brutal, gracias por los aportes, saludos desde Perú 🙂

  • Love Tom's "A Christmas Story" elf hat. 😆 Enjoying part one of the show and look forward to part two. 👏So many great tracks/albums this year.

    Hi Winters, I like the toys, I haven't seen those before. What are the spellings of their names, please? I'll look them up. I collect mostly Toho kaiju (Godzilla, Rodan, Gigan, Mothra, King Ghidorah, Mechagodzilla, etc.) The Shōwa era Gigan being my favorite and seen in my YT profile pic.

    Happy New Year, CAD! See you in 2023!! 🖤🥃🌙🥳

  • I think the Extize and Hocico tracks are my two favorites this week. And when Winters was bringing out the little kaiju toys, it reminded me that Cevin Key is a pretty big fan of kaiju as well. Have a great New Year CAD!

  • Boodschappen zonder gedoe van pikwik ik koop alleen nooit GEDOE…dan geef ik dat wel aan een ander….mocht het er heel stiekum wel bij zitten!!! Groetjes Zeeg!!! 😃👍

  • Animo muy bien…very good…Feliz Navidad para todos…

  • Glad to see you guys doing alright with all the cold and snow over there 🙂

    Since Kaiju are still a talking topic this week, I´d like to recommend the Kaiju No. 8 manga.
    Available at Jump+ and physical bookstores.

    Also, who can forget this year´s greatest CAD moment when a DJ known as deadpan simply said no 😀

    I´m also known as The German Lizard ! C´mon Paradise, seriously?
    3xE = Echse = lizard
    Anyways, it´s just you being you again XD

  • Merry Christmas peps and thanks for the gift of good music 😃

  • This was a very good year – thank you for bringing it to us – including Mouse.

  • Greatings from Germany.
    Thanks for making me happy every week.
    And a great new year to you and all the listeners around the Globe.

  • I come for the thumbnail😍😍🥰
    I stay for the music 🎶 😌 🥳

  • 🤣 Omg. Violent nIght was the best.

  • My favourites from this week's show:

    01:03 Ashbury Heights feat. Madil Hardis (Sweden/Germany) – A Cut in A Place 💕

    05:54 Eisfabrik (Germany) – Wait For a Sign – Life Below Zero 💕

    09:56 Solitary Experiments (Germany) – Every Now and Then – Transcendent 💕

    48:59 Vanguard (Germany) – Ragnarok – Spectrum 💕

    1:02:13 Suicide Commando (Belgium) – I'd Die For You (V.2.O) – Goddestruktor 💕

    1:06:10 Hocico (Mexico) – Hacked Society – HyperViolent 💕

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