Communion After Dark – New Dark Electro, Industrial, EBM, Goth, Synthpop – 5/02/22

 Communion After Dark – New Dark Electro, Industrial, EBM, Goth, Synthpop – 5/02/22

We are a weekly podcast bringing you the newest Gothic/Industrial, EBM and Electro music from around the world. DJs Mark …


Communion After Dark

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    Tracklist May 2nd, 2022 Edition

    DJ Name: Paradise

    00:33 Zynic (Germany) – Algorythm Slave – Best Before End – zedsdead records – Releasing on May 13th

    04:32 Blind Passenger feat. Dennis Schober (Solitary Experiments) (Germany) – Hello Destiny (albume version ) – Teamwork – Wannsee Records

    08:23 Beyond Border (Germany) – Number 23 (Eisfabrik Remix) – Awake The Clubs – Self Released

    12:08 Ego Bliss (Mexico) – Asylum (C-Lekktor Remix) – Future EP – Sub Culture Records

    16:57 Encephalon (Canada) – Echoes – Echoes – Artoffact Records

    21:41 Chainreactor (Germany) – Choose Your Weapon 2022 – Techno Body Device ( Release Date June 10th ) – ProNoize

    26:43 Centhron (Germany) – Ajna Chakra – Fylgja – Scanner

    30:42 Communion After Dark – Shot of the Week

    DJ Name: Maus

    38:48 Hocico (Mexico) – What Nightmares are Made Of? – HyperViolent – Out of Line Records

    43:28 Sydney Valette (France) – Station Stop – Station Stop single – Bandcamp

    48:00 Paradox Obscur (Germany) – Animal Reactor – Morphogenesis – Metropolis

    51:45 Spike Hellis (US) – Control (Rage) – Spike Hellis – Bandcamp

    56:09 Orange Sector (Germany) – Join the Nation – Join the Nation single – Infacted Recordings

    58:48 Tension Control Germany) – Your Voice – Here We Go-Enjoy the Show – Calygram

    1:02:11 ES23 (Germany) – Now (Grendel remix) – Now single – Infacted Recordings

    1:06:09 Communion After Dark (Talking)

    DJ Name: Gold

    1:14:02 spankthenun (Germany) – Ich Bin Ein Auslander (Steven Olaf Extended) – Dominate 2 – Bandcamp

    *** This song was cut – can listen on Mixcloud/Spotify – Rammstein (Germany) – Angst – Zeit – Virgin Music

    1:18:43 Kiberspassk (Russia) – Morozko – digital single – Out Of Line

    1:23:37 Fusspils 11 (Germany) – Bambule im Kindergarten –

    Halbwegs verpeilt – RepoRecords

    1:26:50 Supreme Court (Germany) – Rotten Corpses – Avid For Revenge – Infacted Recordings

    1:30:51 JDead (UK) – Hold Tight (The Saint Paul Remix) – Hold Tight – Infacted Recordings

    1:35:48 Communion After Dark (Talking)

    1:41:50 Vogon Poetry – Milliways (Mystery Experience Remix) – single


    1:46:07 Listener Comments and Extras

  • thats so happy lmfao. Would fit cyndi lauper in the thunbnail more than this

  • LOL I Love You Guys!! "Those Animals!!" that was great!! ♥ great show as always!!!

  • Nice Track, i Love German Goss

  • another great show (as always!!) lots of fantastic new songs, thank you for light up my HomeOffice again.

  • Another amazing set guys. Morozko is such an amazing song. Never heard anything like it.

  • I can't listen to the mix cause I keep wanting to hear the first song over and over

  • Some one have be strongly disappointed that model on preview have a dick… But nah – who cares! Kappa

  • Thanks for another great show!

  • That PWEI cover by spankthenun was awesome. I immediately shared it with a friend I originally bonded with over a mutual love of the Poppies.

  • thank´ so much for the great music again!!!!!!!!

  • классный трек MOROZKO )))))

  • YES! YES!
    New Centhron album next month!!!!
    I´m so hyped!!! m/

  • Why the low amount of views your probably the best site on you tube… Well heres my like and comment for the algorithm…

  • 35:56 When the cat's head pops up when Maus says there's a hair in her drink. 😆Orange Sector – Join the Nation, that's a hockey song? More sports teams need tracks like that.
    Now Vogon Poetry's "Milliways" makes me want to dust off my copy of "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe". Great show as usual. Cheers CAD! 🖤🥃🌙

  • "Then sometimes, just sometimes, the crow can bring that soul back to put the wrong things right" great show as always CAD

  • 08:23 Beyond Border (Germany) – Number 23 (Eisfabrik Remix) 🙏💕🙏

  • GOLD you rock brother! Lots of German tracks today… Olaf gave us a killer Let It Go remix we need to release.

    Paradise giving some good catholic school advice today and some flashbacks to his school days 🙂

  • Eres un ídolo QUINZAA.Monster siempre en mi corazón,hermosa,amorp,elecciones,culturales.❤️ Son unos de los mejores conciertos.


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