Danse Macabre – Bad But Not Bad (1991) Deathrock, Gothic Rock

 Danse Macabre – Bad But Not Bad (1991) Deathrock, Gothic Rock

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Danse Macabre – Bad But Not Bad (1991)

00:00 Imagination
02:12 Panic And Prostitution
07:01 Crown Of Creation
11:04 Give Me Your Brain
14:31 God
17:57 A Childs Death
23:05 Assholes Must Hang
25:46 Symbol Man Murdering
31:08 On The Day We Celebrate His Birth
38:50 She Believes

Genres: Deathrock, Gothic Rock
Country: Germany
Label: Dark Star


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  • I guess but I can't take much of this.

  • 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🌷❤️

  • Keep it up homeslice, I recommend picking up a compilation album called Bouquet of Dreams. It has Danse Macabre – She Believes on there. It's been my gateway to so many great German artists.

  • Oh wow, this sounds fantastic. I am confused, I know of a Danse Macabre, but they went into ''Gothic Metal'' music, unfortunately. I'm guessing this is not the same band, though this could be just early material by the same band.

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