Dark Alternative, Industrial, EBM, Gothic, Synthpop, Post-Punk – Communion After Dark – 12/20/2022

We are a weekly podcast bringing you the newest Gothic/Industrial, EBM, and Electro music from around the world. DJs Mark Paradise, Tom Gold, and Winters are based in Tampa, Florida, US. The tracklist is in the comments section.

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Opening intro from: Bridesmaids
Background music during talking parts: Front Line Assembly – Rise


Comments (30) on “Dark Alternative, Industrial, EBM, Gothic, Synthpop, Post-Punk – Communion After Dark – 12/20/2022”

  1. Tracklisting December 19th, 2022

    DJ Name: Gold

    01:12 Neuroticfish (Germany) – Velocity (Solitary Experiments Remix) – Velocity N20 (Single) – Non Ordinary Records


    06:19 BlutEngel (Germany) – Dark History – digital single – Out Of Line Records


    11:17 Qntal (Germany) – Quis Est Deus – IX Time Stands Still – Drakkar Entertainment


    16:15 Seelennacht (Germany) – Wiederaufbau (Desastroes Remix) –

    Wiederaufbau – Future Fame


    21:35 Faderhead (Germany) – Enjoy The Silence – All I Ever Wanted – A Tribute To Depeche Mode – Cleopatra Records


    26:06 Binary Coded Decimal (US) – Stuck In My Head – digital single – Bandcamp


    30:46 1000 Ho-Ho DJs – (Every Day Is) X-Mass – digital single – Bandcamp


    33:36 Communion After Dark – Shot of the Week

    DJ Name: Winters

    42:17 Fluid Ghost (France) – Black-eyed Girl (C Remix) – Black-eyed Girl Single – Mother Solitude Records


    47:35 VVMPYRE (US) – Black Cube (feat. Orion Eighty) – Neon Night Fright – Self Released


    52:06 Claustraphobia (UK) – Angels Are Falling – Vita Et Mors – Self Released


    55:44 Dancing Plague (US) – Dreamless – Dreamless Single – Self Released


    59:47 Sonar 4 (Australia) – Another Time (FUSED Remix) – Another Time – Self Released


    1:04:12 MeLLLo (UK) – We Are Young (Nikonn RemiX) – We Are Young Single – Self Released


    1:08:33 Lights Of Euphoria (Germany) – Emotional (Extended Pain Remix) – Emotional Single – Infacted Recordings


    1:12:36 Communion After Dark (Talking)

    DJ Name: Paradise

    1:18:00 spankthenun (US) – Madman (feat. Terminal) (War Machine) – Madman – Self Released – https://spankthenun.bandcamp.com/album/madman-single

    1:22:04 Jason Alacrity (US) – Devil’s Cut – The Criminal Class – Negative Gain Productions – https://jasonalacrity.bandcamp.com/album/the-criminal-class

    1:25:47 Freaky Mind (Russia) – Unkind – Freaky Mind – darkTunes Music Group – https://freakymind.bandcamp.com/album/freaky-mind

    1:29:06 Modulo One (Norway) – Done – Digital Single – Self Released – https://moduloone.bandcamp.com/track/undone

    1:33:11 Alienare (Germany) – Diamonds – Diamonds – Team H Entertainment – https://music.apple.com/us/album/diamonds-ep/1634377556

    1:36:52 Code 64 (Sweden) – The Void – Broken Rhythm – Self Released – https://code64official.bandcamp.com/album/broken-rhythm

    1:41:07 Communion After Dark Talking

    1:49:12 In Strict Confidence (Germany) – Morpheus (Clubmix) – Morpheus – Minuswelt – https://instrictconfidence.bandcamp.com/album/morpheus

    1:55:34 Communion After Dark (Comments from our listeners)

  2. Hey CAD 😊 Thanks for uploading more awesomeness 😃
    You guys are probably onto it already but have you heard of Dark Machine?
    No idea where they are from.. They uploaded their album to YouTube a couple of days ago.
    Sounds awesome 👌
    First song I heard was Mind Transplant but a standout track for me is Bio Electric ⚡

  3. Nice one with the Romulan Ale, Tom! 👏My favorites from this week's show, Neuroticfish, 1000 Ho-Ho DJs (This was brilliant. 😁), Alienare, Faderhead (great cover), Code 64, Lights Of Euphoria, Fluid Ghost, Claustraphobia, Dancing Plague, spankthenun, Alienare, Modulo One and In Strict Confidence. Hi Winters!: Yes, I do collect kaiju/Godzilla related figures and other things. 🐉 Below is small list of what I have enjoyed over 2022. Looking forward to the Rear End Show. Happy Holidays, CAD! 🖤🥃🌙

    2022 Albums:
    Eisfabrik – Life Below Zero
    Hocico – HyperViolent
    October Burns Black – Two Worlds Collide
    Harsh Symmetry – Display Model
    Priest – Body Machine
    IAMTHESHADOW – The Wide Starlight
    Kill Shelter – Asylum

    2022 Singles:
    SYNAPSYCHE – Silvertongue (Matt Hart remix)
    Saigon Blue Rain – The Mort
    Ruined Conflict – MIRACLE
    Vandal Moon – Sweet Disaster
    Propter Hoc – The Four Degrees of Violent Charity, Killer in the Rain
    Night Sins – Kill Like I Do
    The Red Dots – A Glimpse of Tears, Collapse
    RROYCE – Whipping Boy
    Ringfinger – Familiar Placement
    T-Error Machinez – Sins Of Eden
    Mark E Moon – Dark Love
    London After Midnight – Let Me Break You (O2 Mix)
    Leaether Strip – Headhunter
    Alienare – Emerald
    Antiflvx – Silueta de Luz (feat. Ambivalencia)
    Astari Nite – Ashtray Ballet
    AVARICE IN AUDIO – Wholesome As Hollywood
    Crying Vessel – It's so Strange
    Echoberyl – Overwater
    My Love Kills – Future Hell
    Weird Wolves – Overdrive (Weird Mix)
    Fractal Age – The beauty of truth
    Black Angel – Take Me Down – Suburban Spell Remix
    Principe Valiente – I Am You
    Gulf Blvd, Night Wolf – Apparitions

  4. Since I think you're asking what we think the best songs this year were…

    I remember hearing the Assemblage 23 remix of "Failure Principle" by Panic Lift several months ago (on CAD of course), and immediately thinking that I would not hear a song that good again for a long time. I've discovered some incredible music this year, but that one is still the best thing I've heard by far. It's so good.

    I also think this year felt like the year of J:Dead, in a good way. While listening to CAD this year, it's happened several times where I've thought to myself "Huh…this song sounds really good, I really like it…I wonder who made it?", and then I'd hear J:Dead's voice come in at the chorus, and I'd have at least part of my answer.

    I didn't miss a single episode of CAD this year, and I loved absolutely all of it. To 2023!

    (Oh…and get Moris Blak back on the show sometime, plz)

  5. Love the new BlutEngel song, found this on you tube just before watching the show, Neuroticfish also great. Some of my all time favourites, Assemblage 23 – Bloom, Welcome Apocolypse, Butterfly Effect, Crosstalk, The OtherSide Of The Wall, The Noise Inside MY Head, Impermanence. VNV Nation – When Is The Future, Control, Gratitude, Epicentre, Legion. Solar Fake, J:Dead, Alienare, Bak XIII, Blaklight, Chainreactor, Covered In Snow, Dekad, Eisfabrik. The list goes on and on, have found so many new artists and songs through your YT Channel. Thank You !!!

  6. Supporting you on YouTube. It was a great show! Some of my favorites this year include Electro Spectre, B! Machine, Beyond Border, and Color Theory. Looking forward to your Rear End Shows!

  7. Album of the year, hmm :/
    [band name (origin) – album name [label] – fav song]

    Schwarzer Engel (Germany) – Sieben [Massacre Records] – Ewig leben
    Battle Beast (Finland) – Circus of Doom [Nuclear Blast] – Freedom
    Rammstein (Germany) – Zeit [Universal] – Dicke Titten
    Centhron (Germany) – Fylgja [Scanner] – Yggdrasil
    Suicide Commando (Belgium) – Goddestruktor [Out of Line] – Sterbehilfe (Euthanasia 2021)
    Ruined Conflict (US) – God & Sinners (Part Two) [Infacted Recordings] – Divinity
    Within Destruction (Slovenia) – Lotus [Ultra Heavy Records] – Neo-Yakuza
    Welle:Erdball (Germany) – Film, Funk & Fernsehen [Nexilis] – Ich habe eine Zukunft gesehen

    Celtic Frost (Switzerland) – Monotheist [Century Media, 2006] – A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh

    Happy holidays everyone! 🙂 💕

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