Dark Alternative, Industrial, EBM, Gothic, Synthpop, Post-Punk – Communion After Dark – 12/20/2022

 Dark Alternative, Industrial, EBM, Gothic, Synthpop, Post-Punk – Communion After Dark – 12/20/2022

We are a weekly podcast bringing you the newest Gothic/Industrial, EBM, and Electro music from around the world. DJs Mark Paradise, Tom Gold, and Winters are based in Tampa, Florida, US. The tracklist is in the comments section.

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Cover Photo: DJ Veine / https://www.facebook.com/djveine

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Opening intro from: Bridesmaids
Background music during talking parts: Front Line Assembly – Rise


Communion After Dark

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  • Tracklisting December 19th, 2022

    DJ Name: Gold

    01:12 Neuroticfish (Germany) – Velocity (Solitary Experiments Remix) – Velocity N20 (Single) – Non Ordinary Records


    06:19 BlutEngel (Germany) – Dark History – digital single – Out Of Line Records


    11:17 Qntal (Germany) – Quis Est Deus – IX Time Stands Still – Drakkar Entertainment


    16:15 Seelennacht (Germany) – Wiederaufbau (Desastroes Remix) –

    Wiederaufbau – Future Fame


    21:35 Faderhead (Germany) – Enjoy The Silence – All I Ever Wanted – A Tribute To Depeche Mode – Cleopatra Records


    26:06 Binary Coded Decimal (US) – Stuck In My Head – digital single – Bandcamp


    30:46 1000 Ho-Ho DJs – (Every Day Is) X-Mass – digital single – Bandcamp


    33:36 Communion After Dark – Shot of the Week

    DJ Name: Winters

    42:17 Fluid Ghost (France) – Black-eyed Girl (C Remix) – Black-eyed Girl Single – Mother Solitude Records


    47:35 VVMPYRE (US) – Black Cube (feat. Orion Eighty) – Neon Night Fright – Self Released


    52:06 Claustraphobia (UK) – Angels Are Falling – Vita Et Mors – Self Released


    55:44 Dancing Plague (US) – Dreamless – Dreamless Single – Self Released


    59:47 Sonar 4 (Australia) – Another Time (FUSED Remix) – Another Time – Self Released


    1:04:12 MeLLLo (UK) – We Are Young (Nikonn RemiX) – We Are Young Single – Self Released


    1:08:33 Lights Of Euphoria (Germany) – Emotional (Extended Pain Remix) – Emotional Single – Infacted Recordings


    1:12:36 Communion After Dark (Talking)

    DJ Name: Paradise

    1:18:00 spankthenun (US) – Madman (feat. Terminal) (War Machine) – Madman – Self Released – https://spankthenun.bandcamp.com/album/madman-single

    1:22:04 Jason Alacrity (US) – Devil’s Cut – The Criminal Class – Negative Gain Productions – https://jasonalacrity.bandcamp.com/album/the-criminal-class

    1:25:47 Freaky Mind (Russia) – Unkind – Freaky Mind – darkTunes Music Group – https://freakymind.bandcamp.com/album/freaky-mind

    1:29:06 Modulo One (Norway) – Done – Digital Single – Self Released – https://moduloone.bandcamp.com/track/undone

    1:33:11 Alienare (Germany) – Diamonds – Diamonds – Team H Entertainment – https://music.apple.com/us/album/diamonds-ep/1634377556

    1:36:52 Code 64 (Sweden) – The Void – Broken Rhythm – Self Released – https://code64official.bandcamp.com/album/broken-rhythm

    1:41:07 Communion After Dark Talking

    1:49:12 In Strict Confidence (Germany) – Morpheus (Clubmix) – Morpheus – Minuswelt – https://instrictconfidence.bandcamp.com/album/morpheus

    1:55:34 Communion After Dark (Comments from our listeners)

  • Thanks for curating a list of new releases!!!

  • Merins ……..!

  • Another great show. Hearing Velocity right off the start was super nostalgic and just got the mood right.

  • 1:12 the beginning of the music. Before that, it's better not to listen.

  • Thanks for reminding me how fken cool QNTAL is. MERRY CHRISTMAS, BABIES!

  • Merry Xmas guys. Miss your twitch streams.

  • You “fished” for a comment from me. I’m not a fxcking fish.

  • If you put another tran on your poster you’ll be destroyed. King of darkness here. Don’t do that

  • Merry Xmas to all the CAD crew from the UK!! – from Mr Teapot, Secret Agent Remy77077, Saturday Night Fever, the underage drinker, and even me, Rik! 😉

  • I listened to this on my podcast app but was just wondering if DJ Winters’s husband has read The Kaiju Preservation Society by John Scalzi

  • Hey CAD 😊 Thanks for uploading more awesomeness 😃
    You guys are probably onto it already but have you heard of Dark Machine?
    No idea where they are from.. They uploaded their album to YouTube a couple of days ago.
    Sounds awesome 👌
    First song I heard was Mind Transplant but a standout track for me is Bio Electric ⚡

  • Nice one with the Romulan Ale, Tom! 👏My favorites from this week's show, Neuroticfish, 1000 Ho-Ho DJs (This was brilliant. 😁), Alienare, Faderhead (great cover), Code 64, Lights Of Euphoria, Fluid Ghost, Claustraphobia, Dancing Plague, spankthenun, Alienare, Modulo One and In Strict Confidence. Hi Winters!: Yes, I do collect kaiju/Godzilla related figures and other things. 🐉 Below is small list of what I have enjoyed over 2022. Looking forward to the Rear End Show. Happy Holidays, CAD! 🖤🥃🌙

    2022 Albums:
    Eisfabrik – Life Below Zero
    Hocico – HyperViolent
    October Burns Black – Two Worlds Collide
    Harsh Symmetry – Display Model
    Priest – Body Machine
    IAMTHESHADOW – The Wide Starlight
    Kill Shelter – Asylum

    2022 Singles:
    SYNAPSYCHE – Silvertongue (Matt Hart remix)
    Saigon Blue Rain – The Mort
    Ruined Conflict – MIRACLE
    Vandal Moon – Sweet Disaster
    Propter Hoc – The Four Degrees of Violent Charity, Killer in the Rain
    Night Sins – Kill Like I Do
    The Red Dots – A Glimpse of Tears, Collapse
    RROYCE – Whipping Boy
    Ringfinger – Familiar Placement
    T-Error Machinez – Sins Of Eden
    Mark E Moon – Dark Love
    London After Midnight – Let Me Break You (O2 Mix)
    Leaether Strip – Headhunter
    Alienare – Emerald
    Antiflvx – Silueta de Luz (feat. Ambivalencia)
    Astari Nite – Ashtray Ballet
    AVARICE IN AUDIO – Wholesome As Hollywood
    Crying Vessel – It's so Strange
    Echoberyl – Overwater
    My Love Kills – Future Hell
    Weird Wolves – Overdrive (Weird Mix)
    Fractal Age – The beauty of truth
    Black Angel – Take Me Down – Suburban Spell Remix
    Principe Valiente – I Am You
    Gulf Blvd, Night Wolf – Apparitions

  • Thnks for one more great cad
    Loved as usual!! Take care!!!
    Maus come back soon!!!!

  • How's Mouse…better ?

  • 💜💜💜💜💜

  • Hello CAD-Team, the title of that Qntal-Song is in latin, can be translated with "Who is God".

  • Since I think you're asking what we think the best songs this year were…

    I remember hearing the Assemblage 23 remix of "Failure Principle" by Panic Lift several months ago (on CAD of course), and immediately thinking that I would not hear a song that good again for a long time. I've discovered some incredible music this year, but that one is still the best thing I've heard by far. It's so good.

    I also think this year felt like the year of J:Dead, in a good way. While listening to CAD this year, it's happened several times where I've thought to myself "Huh…this song sounds really good, I really like it…I wonder who made it?", and then I'd hear J:Dead's voice come in at the chorus, and I'd have at least part of my answer.

    I didn't miss a single episode of CAD this year, and I loved absolutely all of it. To 2023!

    (Oh…and get Moris Blak back on the show sometime, plz)

  • I have to say that 1000 Ho-Ho DJs track caught me by surprise. That was hilarious! I'm definitely checking out their stuff on Bandcamp

  • Nice set. 🖤 👏👏👏

  • Gold is gold

  • Love the new BlutEngel song, found this on you tube just before watching the show, Neuroticfish also great. Some of my all time favourites, Assemblage 23 – Bloom, Welcome Apocolypse, Butterfly Effect, Crosstalk, The OtherSide Of The Wall, The Noise Inside MY Head, Impermanence. VNV Nation – When Is The Future, Control, Gratitude, Epicentre, Legion. Solar Fake, J:Dead, Alienare, Bak XIII, Blaklight, Chainreactor, Covered In Snow, Dekad, Eisfabrik. The list goes on and on, have found so many new artists and songs through your YT Channel. Thank You !!!

  • Supporting you on YouTube. It was a great show! Some of my favorites this year include Electro Spectre, B! Machine, Beyond Border, and Color Theory. Looking forward to your Rear End Shows!

  • Album of the year, hmm :/
    [band name (origin) – album name [label] – fav song]

    Schwarzer Engel (Germany) – Sieben [Massacre Records] – Ewig leben
    Battle Beast (Finland) – Circus of Doom [Nuclear Blast] – Freedom
    Rammstein (Germany) – Zeit [Universal] – Dicke Titten
    Centhron (Germany) – Fylgja [Scanner] – Yggdrasil
    Suicide Commando (Belgium) – Goddestruktor [Out of Line] – Sterbehilfe (Euthanasia 2021)
    Ruined Conflict (US) – God & Sinners (Part Two) [Infacted Recordings] – Divinity
    Within Destruction (Slovenia) – Lotus [Ultra Heavy Records] – Neo-Yakuza
    Welle:Erdball (Germany) – Film, Funk & Fernsehen [Nexilis] – Ich habe eine Zukunft gesehen

    Celtic Frost (Switzerland) – Monotheist [Century Media, 2006] – A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh

    Happy holidays everyone! 🙂 💕

  • My favorites from this week's show:

    01:12 Neuroticfish (Germany) – Velocity (Solitary Experiments RMX) 💕

    06:19 BlutEngel (Germany) – Dark history 💕

    21:35 Faderhead (Germany) – Enjoy the silence 💕

    1:08:33 Lights Of Euphoria (Germany) – Emotional (Extended Pain RMX) 💕

    1:25:47 Freaky Mind (Russia) – Unkind 💕

    1:36:52 Code 64 (Sweden) – The void 💕

  • 🖤🖤Their sleeve bands, everything

  • Communion, After Dawn 💃💃🖤🖤

  • Playing this as the hubby makes me complete house jobs on the 'Honey Do' list. We ended up roaring laughing at the Bridesmaids intro, before those power synths kicked in – goosebumps! Needed that, thanks guys! 🖤💜

  • A w E s O m E 🔊

  • 🤘🖤🔥💯🙂💯🔥🖤🤘

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