Dark Gothic Music of Old Ruins and Ancient Temples

 Dark Gothic Music of Old Ruins and Ancient Temples

Dark Gothic Music of Old Ruins and Ancient Temples in the vein of Dark Ambient, Drone and Choirs: 👉 Bandcamp: https://cryochamber.bandcamp.com/
👉 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/cryochamber

00:00 Atrium Carceri – A Memory Lost

01:36 Atrium Carceri – The Empty Chapel

04:29 Atrium Carceri & Cities Last Broadcast – The Great Order of Things

08:59 Apocryphos, Kammarheit, Atrium Carceri – Ones Atop the Unknown

14:17 Flowers for Bodysnatchers – A Heart Less Darkened

22:24 Beyond the Ghost – A Bed of Ashes

26:51 Enmarta – Apokatastasis II

35:07 Beyond the Ghost – Remembering the world as it used to be

39:51 Metatron Omega – Chalice of Eternity

49:00 Metatron Omega – The Eastern Star

59:39 Atrium Carceri – A Hunger too Deep

Art by Ernst Ferdinand Oehme

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Cryo Chamber

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  • This is just advanced Nether Music. Someone find Mojang

  • 5:40 this is easily the best part. It is so dark, so gothic!

  • While the dweebs and dorks are in the comments pouring their feelings out im over here vibing to the imaage of space marines kneeling before the god emperor. Well done good sir.

  • Я Готику как то не очень а тут прям вставило перед сном самое оно отключает через пару минут и спишь как убитый

  • "shall those be cursed and be haunted to this chapel Shall You Rest But with Death and No Peace The Children Everyone who died here will haunt your soul"

  • Atrium Carceri Chapters 0:00 Chapter 1 1:36 Chapter 2 4:29 Chapter 3 [finale]

  • 0:00 Atrium carceri : It's too obvious that I like it

  • getting some real Mejula vibes from this

  • Thank you! This is so perfect to edit creepy photos to! 💀

  • “What a sobering thought.
    To gaze upon the works of those who came before. To see in truth the fruit of their labors and intellect. To know. To truly know you now stand within the presence of something….greater.
    And to weep, knowing that all the mighty had accomplished was now viewed only by the meek. That no matter what Man tries to achieve, it will never eclipse what had come before. That even in death, he is and always will be…less.”

  • 4:31 Exploring old Dwemer ruins as a Orc trying to find a worthy opponent then met a vampire lord

  • Truly the Dark Ages

  • porque é tão triste, porque é tão bom ?

  • Excellent atmosphere! I make ambient horror music as well and was looking for something to set the mood while building props for my haunt. Nailed it! Thank you!

  • There isn’t enough superlatives to describe how brilliant this creation is, a truly masterful piece of art from beginning to end.

  • Amazing! We share also with you the Insult of Public Modesty / a spoken word video poem


  • Truth will be soon 👽✨.

  • This is super comforting? Like being under a cozy weighted blanket.

  • Najpiękniejsze….Jezus Chrystus Powróci i pokona ich, bo taką dał nam obietnicę. Ludzie zaczną się nawracać. Nie może być inaczej.

  • i love viiolent thunderstorms ,it turn me on

  • it is the epitome of suffering caused by covid and utter disregard of peo[ples lives in the usa in recent years

  • Feeling of haunted castles

  • Very deep music


  • Track 3-4, D&D Direction: Background music for Tomb of Annihilation. Track 2: CoS, The Amber Temple.

  • wow that bass is deep

  • “Fear the old Blood”


  • This is one of your best productions! Thank you.

  • Flowers for Bodysnatchers reminds me of the game Hollow Knight

  • Really perfect for reading gritty manga like berserk

  • I want to use some tracks from this video… how will i do that?

  • This totally stimulated 30 minutes of deep DnD lore for my campaign. Thank youz

  • finally a mix that is truly dark and deep ambient.

  • I love the music, but the frequency of ads completely disrupts the ambiance. I'll be in a great headspace from amazing ambiance, only to be torn out for some bubbly tide commercial or something else. Sad to see good channels ruined by corporate greed.

  • I use CryoChamber for B/G 🎶 whilst playing Dungeons and Dragons 🐉

  • This music reminds me of long forgotten times and the calmness I hold inside myself…
    It's so refreshing, so calming and so inspiring.

  • it might sound weird but I meditate to all the dark soundtracks on your channel. It relaxes me so much <3

  • Knock knock
    Anybody home
    Im cold
    Knock knock
    Anybody home
    I am so alone
    Knock knock
    Anybody home
    I dont have a home
    Knock knock
    Anybody home
    I dont know how long fighting to survive
    Or just walk infront a semi
    I need to confront comfort

  • I fear to taint the immortal part of myself. He who lives forever, he who carries my name and my honor through the breath of those who once knew me. The more I discover myself, the more imperfection I see. One imperfection shows me another, to make me despise myself. I am already tainted from deep within, I fear that I will reveal who I truly am. That will be my downfall. I will be scorned amongst all. I am a walking deception. I’m attempting to conceal my true identity and hopelessly chase another. I am In between two states, lying on the edge of darkness and light. Running toward the light as the darkness behind me touches my heel. Perhaps one day I’ll reach the light. Perhaps one day the darkness will consume me.

  • If you played this as music at the supermarket, you know Wally & The Beaver would be weirded out. On the other hand it might be soothing to others who have seen the shit, you know?

  • I
    I just sit
    I just sit here
    In the middle of the floor

    You surround me showering me with hate

    So before its to late

    I will take fate in my own hands


    Cut off my face

    Cut off your faces
    One by one
    Hope to find the right one

    Im running out of faces and time

    I seen the world through all their eyes

    An i despise
    Should this be a surprise

    I pick my face up an i proceed to sew it back on
    I should have known better

    They all sold all their emotions for possessions

    So i sit alone in a cold heartless room

    I wonder why they
    I wonder why
    Why they

    Cant help me
    They said they would

    But i sit here

    I sit here and….


  • 2 years later but here I am♡ I use this to get into a trans energy when doing mediumship work. Amazing!!!!💚💛

  • Where's Dracula?

  • The song lost memory sounds like it would be played on a haunted ballerina movie.

  • I write to the Empty Chapel segment of this.It's epic and awe inspiring. No words except….Fortitutde. #Coverfly #RKAnderson

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