Dark Music Mixtape #23 (2020): Post-Punk, Gothic, 80s, Synth, Wave, Lo-Fi

 Dark Music Mixtape #23 (2020): Post-Punk, Gothic, 80s, Synth, Wave, Lo-Fi

#postpunk #gothic #synthwave

Dark Music Mixtape #23 (2020): Post-Punk, Gothic, 80s, Synth, Wave, Lo-Fi

Playlist on Spotify [New & Upcoming Dark Music Releases]: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4BxNupRVy2mYwwbpnhRNUE?si=LFamTiaLRVKe90-vWLmQdw
The Best Dark Wave and Goth Music Albums (1980-2020): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1MiGXgf0pZq5kPe0vHqcNE?si=X5I63k9pRq223CNzPkQwfw

Eleventh tape of the year including the best new bands and music releases. More than an hour of new underground music you need to listen. Hauntology of the 80s. Music from the spectre of an alternative future with a dark punk attitude.

Dark – Nightmare [Germany]
Shad Shadows – Sad Bodies [Italy]
House of Harm – Control [USA]
Jan Doyle Band – Confusion [UK]
Neon Funeral – .iPlague [USA]
Чайки улетают с моря – Вернись [Russia]
Profligate – No Clear Way [USA]
Un hombre solo – Solo [USA]
VLF – Wait [Australia]
The Liquidators – Married To Your Mind [UK]
LIP – Secret World [USA]
A. Swayze & the Ghosts – Paid Salvation*** /BLOCKED/ (Playlist on SPOTIFY)
Closed Mouth – Days Go By [France]
LaMee – Noir Disco [Russia]
Ultra Sunn – Keep Your Eyes Peeled [Belgium]
DSM-V – Into Nothing [Australia]
Echoberyl – A Prey [France]
Dark-O-Matic – A Cage With The Door Wide Open [USA]
Margarita Quebrada – Tu Voz [Spain]
Smilegroup – Dissolve ft. Anna [USA]
Sinister Lover – Sometimes [Canada]
AGE O.P.F – A Brief Thought [Germany]
Qyburn – Janus [USA]
Ortrotasce – Next Ego [USA]
Topographies – In Your Hands [USA]

Many thanks to:

Dark – Nightmare
Jan Doyle Band – Confusion
The Liquidators – Married To Your Mind
LaMee – Noir Disco

Dark-O-Matic – A Cage With The Door Wide Open
Smilegroup – Dissolve ft. Anna
Madame Absinthe

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(Mixtape que incluye las mejores nuevas bandas y los últimos lanzamientos musicales. Más de una hora de nueva música underground. Hantología de los 80. Música del espectro de un futuro alternativo con actitud punk oscura.

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