Dark Music of Gothic Castles and Fallen Lords

 Dark Music of Gothic Castles and Fallen Lords

Dark Music of Gothic Castles and Fallen Lords in this mix compiled by Atrium Carceri Bandcamp: …


Cryo Chamber

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  • I cast a soul ritual spell to put dark music as my soul and aura on my mind , body, magic, and soul now.

  • this idea of a zombie apocalypse set in medieval Europe just cant get out of my head when i listen to this soundtrack.

  • Just put ambience in the titles please….There are no songs in this.

  • Eher Klangwelten als Musik. Das dunkle Gegenstück zu Walgesängen und Meeresrauschen.

  • this sends me to sleep easily

  • Another great playlist, keep coming back to this one. Thanks for sharing.

  • 31:52 Someone put ketchup on a hot dog.

  • This music has been so perfect as I write the haunting and traumatic scene from the past of one of my protagonists!

  • found this artist through mortal shell, incredible work

  • the sound at 31:55 made me almost pee myself i was literally just vibing trying to write a lonely castle scene and all of a sudden vicar amelia is screaming three floors down

  • Another excellent mix for rainy nights by the fire.

  • 모야너무조아

  • I feel like a boss fights coming

  • Toda vez que eu escuto essas músicas sinto como se viesse do passado mas não sei de onde, gostaria de observar a janela da torre para ver o mundo sombrio e a lua cheia.

  • Stopped listening … TOO many interruptions….

  • ooh how mysterious. adding this to the sleepytime playlist so I can have dreams about being a vampire.

  • Oh that dark gothic castle of Belem Tower, the creepiest place among all the disneylands

  • 31:54

  • If you're curious:
    Yes, this building is real it's the Tower of Belém in Lisbon, Portugal.

    My hometown ☺️

  • its perfect thank you, and im picky

  • LOVE the 'Enmarta' at the 43:55 mark. It has wonderful echoes of the original Dark Shadows TV show I used to watch after school. The included subtle thunder only adds to the aura of Dark Shadows. Gave me the creeps way back then and this brings them back in 2021. Thanks for the terrific album. Nice work.


  • Of course, all castles r dark…no electricity!

  • very relaxing

  • 9:00 Niceee

  • 31:50 sounds like that turtle humping the guys shoe

  • There should've been Once Upon a Dream by Lana Del Rey

  • Eu não consigo levar esta playlist a sério com a Torre de Belém

  • going to draw a picture to this today. man i love this channel

  • I like to fall asleep to these. Makes for more fun dreams and nightmares.

  • Wow, Dimitrescu, hold on.

  • The background amdiance is too modern sounding for a mix like this, which is a disappointment. Maybe explore new sound effects instead of using the same schtick?

  • This literally reminds me of Castle Dimitrescu from RE8 Village game

  • This video is riddled with ads. I believe in supporting creatures but I'm not listening to an hour long orchestral piece that is stopped every two or three minutes for an ad interruption.

  • From above I have full view of the beautiful structure. I gracefully glide down, landing on the roof of the main keep. I admire the view, getting comfortable from my purch, the claws of all 4 talons clicking as I give that dashing smile, tapping them on the stone floor.

    Music Begins

    When the hatch, pops open.

    Something begins climbing out.

    Now aproaching me, is a evil looking, hideous, ugly, Ad!

  • how very dark souls of you

  • . . . . .should I be meditating to this?

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