Dark Wave, New Wave, Post Punk (Dance Mix ll)

DarkWave #MinimalWave #Yamispechie Hello Guys! This mix is dedicated to all my Brazilian friends & all my subscribers I want to express my most sincere …

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  1. #Playlist for Darkwavers, Gothics & Postpunkers.
    Hello Guys! This mix is dedicated to all my Brazilian friends & all my subscribers

    I want to express my most sincere gratitude to each of you and the bands that have been part of this project because I have finally reached 25,000 subscribers.
    I have created a Spotify account at the request of all of you where you can enjoy all my mixes.
    (Latest songs were copyrighted, you can listen to the full set on Spotify or Soundcloud)
    00:00:00 – Sydney Valette – Safety Net (France) 2020
    00:04:03 – Je T'aime – Fuck me (France) 2019
    00:07:03 – Date at Midnight – Lights Off/ Lights On (Italy) 2018
    00:10:54 – Talk to her – Ibisco (Italy) 2020
    00:12:35 – Lost View – Pravda (Germany) 2020
    00:15:05 – Nz – Terror For money (Germany) 2019
    00:17:53 – Orange sector – Wir Sind Mehr (mulskeitanz remix) (Germany) 2019
    00:20:26 – Panther Modern – Ask yourself (US) 2019
    00:23:21 – Inhalt – Alles (US) 2018
    00:26:52 – Sextile – Paradox (US) 2018
    00:29:18 – Adult. – Dance Avoid (US) 2008
    00:30:55 – Inhalt – Walking on Glass (US) 2012
    00:35:00 – Second Decay – Close my heart (Germany) 1992
    00:37:40 – Undertheskin – Bordeline (Poland) 2019
    00:39:50 – Dramatic – Control (US) 2019
    00:42:28 – Clan of xymox – Going Round (Dutch) 2020
    00:46:55 – Roh Yugen – Dance (?) 2019
    00:49:50 – Second Decay – I hate Berlin (Germany) 1992
    00:53:38 – Subterfuge – Heat (Australia) 2020
    00:59:13 – She Hates Emotions – See the light (Germany) 2020
    01:02:33 – Clan of xymox – She (Dutch) 2020
    01:07:00 – Poison Point – Bestiensäule (France) 2018
    01:10:27 – Ultra Sunn – Night Is mine (Belgium) 2019

    01:10:33 – Antipole feat EIRENE – Divine 135 (Adam Tristar Remix)
    01:15:03 – Hapax – Elegy
    01:18:27 – The Factory – Hold out
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    design: @Yami Spechie
    Model: @kalicasati

  2. guten tag from Boston Massachusetts USA- I thought this sound was dead- thank you for this- dancing in the dark is back in my heart. Past years in Germany remembered… drunk outside Berlin church… secret backdoor clubs. "Gefährlich" was my name back in 1991, "Danger Johnny".

  3. Acabo de escuchar dos veces todo el set de canciones y me parece espectacular, genial…Me preguntaba: ¿Cómo dicen que en estos tiempos no existe buena música?…. y concluyo que la gran mayoría se quedaron estancados en el pasado o no buscan los nuevos sonidos.
    Gracias Yami, magistral set y nunca dejes de hacer tus playlits que me instruye, me renueva, me inspira.

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