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00:00:00 01) Cabaret Nocturne – Blind trust
00:06:13 02) Kirlian Camera – Blue Room
00:09:54 03) The Cruxshadows – Deception
00:14:25 04) Athamay – Eternal torture
00:17:36 05) Clan Of Xymox – She
00:22:00 06) Selofan – Auf Deiner Haut
00:25:20 07) STAR INDUSTRY – Nineties
00:29:32 08) Eyes of the Nightmare Jungle – Shadow Dance
00:33:50 09) Christian Death – Romeo´s Distress
00:36:45 10) Soviet Soviet – No Lesson
00:40:50 11) Horror Vacui – In darkness you will feel alright
00:43:46 12) Rendez Vouz – Distance
00:48:00 13) DAF – Der Mussolini
00:51:34 14) Das Kabinette – The Cabinet
00:55:19 15) Lebanon Hanover – Du Scrollst
00:58:08 16) Soma Sema – Artificial Heart
01:01:54 17) The Frozen Autumn – Is Everything Real?
01:08:04 18) She Past Away – Durdu Dünya
01:11:55 19) London After Midnight – Sacrifice
01:17:38 21) Nosferatu -Vampyres Cry
01:21:07 22) Inkubus Sukkubus – Heart of Lilith


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Tier V: Electro Body Dancefloor Patreons
Marko Glauko (Colonel)
David Dworzack (Captain)
Frank Sander (Captain)

Tier IV: Electro Body Dancefloor Sponsors
(1st Lieutenants)
Jordan Diambrini
Aitor Emparan
Christoph & Sophia
Pete T.
Markus Koenigstein

Tier III: Dark Dancefloor Masters
Narachi (Warrant Officer)
Daniel Ley (Warrant Officer)
guinevere1188(Warrant Officer)

Tier II: Shadow Dancers
Victor Murphy ( First Sergeant )
Peter Deane ( First Sergeant )
Paul Maier ( First Sergeant )
Max & Lucy (Master Sergeant)
Matt Gastright (Master Sergeant)
Louis Trottier (Sergeant)
Dorothy Clair Young (Sergeant)
Silvia Kirschbaum (Sergeant)

Tier I: DM Army

Doktor Dark
Carmen Carrasco – Nagusch
Laurence Viala
Hee Ra Dicaire
Daniil Solovjov
Brian Hernandez
Ciaran Tarpey
Cristina Labbe
Shaula Clark

(Private First Class)

James Richard Bowen
mary wolf singh
McKay Manners
Paul Maier
Evgeny Kochnev
Björn Lundberg
Mario Becke

Sergei Saal
Amy C. Kline
Leona Culberson
Stephanie Brown
Mike Romero
Sebastian Rätsch
Erik France
Phil Montelaro
Manny Perez
Casey Wagner
Sebastian Schedlbauer

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From Tier IV and up you can ask for even more special made by me mixes. But I dont know all the bands or listen anything. I have the ability to mix but if you provide me with songs I can make you whatever you want.

There are donations Tiers with some bonus things from me (winners must send me a message to my facebook page) or my mail that you can find in my facebook page.

When she/he reach collectively donations:

Tier 1 (10$ or more) : DM Army
Their Name will be featured in my mixes
5$ Private (No Rank)
10$ Private First Class
20$ Corporal

Tier 2 (30$ or more) : Shadow Dancers
All the above plus
One custom 1 hour mix with their chosen bands, you can ask for something that I know and I have.
30$ Sergeant
40$ Master Sergeant
50$ First Sergeant
60$ Sergeant Major

Tier 3 (70$ or more) : Dark Dancefloor Masters
All the above plus
One custom 1 hour mix with their chosen band (solo band mix)
With custom artwork with their names
70 $ Warrant Officer
80 $ Chief Warrant Officer 3
90 $ Chief Warrant Officer 5

Tier 4 (100$ or more) : Electro Body Dancefloor Sponsors
All the above plus
Your Name is featured in all the future mixes since you achieve the Tier
And a special mix for you with your name
And your suggestions for future mixes are taken as special votes
100$ 1st Lieutenant

All the above plus many many more. more special mixes with bands, styles

150 Euros Captain
200 Euros Major
250 Euros Colonel
300 Euros Brigadier General
350 Euros Major General
400 Euros Lieutenant General
500 Euros General


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