Dark Winter Music & Gothic Music

Dark winter music & Gothic music about cold winter landscapes, frozen woods, and spooky villages and towers. In this spooky realm winter is eternal.

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Bandcamp : https://dbfiechter.bandcamp.com/album/mists-of-ice
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Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/album/5OB045IvBlHylDsQkWHvZh


Tracklist :

0:00 – Aurora Borealis
3:24 – Snowflake Lullaby
7:14 – Arctic Breath
10:36 – Wintery Night
13:38 – Land of Frost
16:45 – December
20:30 – Candycane Castle
23:55 – Gothic Wedding
27:02 – Old Bell Tower
30:31 – Stormfrost Manor
34:08 – Vampires of Ice
37:19 – Moonspire Peak
40:31 – Crystal Woods
43:53 – Snowmen of Darkthorn Town
47:15 – Grimlake Village
50:42 – Snow Unicorns
54:21 – Ghosts of Twilight
58:00 – Starlight Waltz

These beautiful pictures are from Andi Gentsch (1st pic), Jukeboix (2nd pic), Eepox (3rd pic), and Elsouille (4th pic).

1. https://www.flickr.com/photos/elgentscho/8447868825

2. http://jukeboix.deviantart.com/art/snowy-castle-284278412

3. http://eepox.deviantart.com/art/Crystal-Forest-348470749

4. http://elsouille.deviantart.com/art/Snowy-morning-338258146

Artwork for the Mists of Ice CD is found here.


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~ All music is composed by Derek and Brandon Fiechter ~



  • The picture for crystal woods looks so perfect for dnd location

  • I remember when i listened to this 7 years ago, time flies.

  • So so cold and very beautiful is the lights
    rising up to dance over the mountains and
    put on a great show and your viewing it all
    from inside your warm house, g'night y'all.

  • This is my dark lullaby music. <3

  • Watch Vampire Knight the anime series. It has dark, beautiful music like this throughout the series. <3

  • feel like im listening to a early 2000s video game soundtrack of a winter area, takes me back, perfect for the winter season

  • This is awesome – perfectly suits my mood as I wrap gifts in unique looks and get in the spirit WOOOOOO

  • This is Snezhnaya ost

  • Just found this, and I'm totally going to be having this in the background during some of my DnD Winter one-shot. Absolutely perfect for the vibe I want to set. (⁠ ⁠◜⁠‿⁠◝⁠ ⁠)⁠♡

  • Excellent!

  • I read At The Mountains of Madness listening to this playlist. Perfect match.

  • This is the type of music I imagine would be the soundtrack to a dark winter fairytale.

  • This is what I mean when I ask somebody “can we play some winter music?”

  • This channel always has the most atmospheric music in my opinion.

  • Sorry, you know where is the forest of the Ice elves?

  • Harry Potter music this should be

  • 💖

  • My best friend, It's always great. We liked and enjoyed to the end. Thanks

  • ~dreaming with him, by his tranquil grave
    a tiny lily guarded eternity's slave.
    hope slept in a coffin, covered in frost
    yet she was the broken she was the lost
    as love slept undisturbed by time's thread
    a small frozen lily was adorning his bed
    together in a dream she whispered to his heart
    the moment is frozen we'll never be apart..~

  • I can hear the cold winds … carrying the Lullaby through the trees

  • wonderful music!😍 Congrats!

  • 首席健康生活館超級好批ˋˋ美國roho坐墊ˋˋ電毯大特價

  • if you read this, doesn't matter where you are right now on this planet, I wish you a wonderful night and a happy peaceful life where all your dreams become true.

  • 💕😊

  • Well last day of summer and we got a frost advisory already in my state. Time to break out the yule log

  • Que música linda!!!!

  • Just Saying this now This is Very Intense I was trying to hold my breathe during this because of How intense it was and got 56 seconds. September 4, 2022.

  • @❤فالصمت☀️الكبرياء 💚:🌺🌺🌺🌺
    ربي يسعد قلبك وروحك

  • في بعض الأحيان الحب والعشق والغيرة والندامة والكره والغضب والنسيان والحقد والوحدة يقتل الانسان كلما زادت عشقنا زادا جنونا وخيبة املنا في الحياة 😍💚

  • This reminds me of Moomin winter music.

  • I hear the beautiful and tragic story of Mr. Freeze, if they bring him back to the big screen, he needs to have a theme like this 🌨❄

  • Well, go ahead and laugh if you like, it’s now a Sunday morning in August and we’re in the middle of a heatwave . I am lying on the settee with the fan blowing on me trying to keep cool . Listening to this for an hour I have just let my mind drift back over the last seventy years to all the good winter memories , mostly walks in the woods . The strangest thing I ever saw , and this is true is when I was walking through a pine wood one frosty very still afternoon and saw what I thought was a white feather sticking up out of a fallen log . When I looked close I could see it was made completely of ice . You know like you get fern like patterns forming on windows , well very like that but three dimensional . The feather seemed to have grown out of a small worm hole in the log , so I guess was formed as warm moist air evaporated from inside the log and froze as it hit the cold air . So there’s a logical explanation for it like there is for everything , but wierd all the same.

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