Darkwave | Goth | Post-Punk | Synth – Obscura Undead DJ Maus – Aug 28, 2020

Check out this set I did for Obscura Undead Friday night Virtual club! This was recorded from Twitch on Aug 28, 2020. This set is Darkwave, coldwave, Post-punk, Synth, Goth

Thank you to my Patrons: DJKenohki, Nicole F, The Sum of M, Richard Krider, NM, Maxx77, Ilga, Gina, Darla, Chappelle, Brian W, Hussey!

Here is the download link: http://maus.tieranny.com/music/DJ%20Maus%20-%20Darkwave%20Post-punk%20Synth%20Aug%2028%2C%202020.mp3

Tracklisting is in comments. You can catch me on Twitch mauschan channel. Make sure to check my schedule and follow!

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24 thoughts on “Darkwave | Goth | Post-Punk | Synth – Obscura Undead DJ Maus – Aug 28, 2020”

  1. Music starts at 0:58. Here is the tracklisting 2020/08/28


    The Sisterhood – Giving Ground

    coma alliance – Royd

    Diary of Dreams – Decipher Me

    Visage – Fade to Grey DVD video


    Night Sins – Annihilator

    ELECTRIC YOUTH – Tomorrow


    ELZ AND THE CULT – Paranoya

    Korine – Fate

    BUZZ KULL – Into The Void

    SOFT KILL – Whirl

    ACTORS – How Deep is the Hole

    Austra – Spellwork

    Drab Majesty Too Soon To Tell

    Apoptygma Berzerk – Non-Stop Violence album version

    Boy Harsher – LA

    Twin Tribes – Upir

    Seelennacht – New Visions

    Linea Aspera – Malarone

    TRAITRS – Thin Flesh


    Angels of Liberty – Love Still Remains

    The Frozen Autumn – There's No Time To Recall

    Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy

    Pretentious Moi – Witchhouse

    Silent Em – The Wraith

    Unknown – Like the Wind

    Crystal Castles – Not In Love ft. Robert Smith of The Cure

  2. Thanks for helping me to stay sane in these crasy, scary times, DJ Maus…..especially as I am back to work in the classroom . Awesome playlist as always. I am taking some time of Face Book. So.. I shall be hanging out with you here instead 🙂 Stay safe.!!

  3. I really like The Sisterhood, especially Giving Ground, I usually play on the broadcasts I do on the other channel, although Gift is a record funded by Andrew Eldritch after the end of The Sisters of Mercy, just to prevent Wayne Hussey and Craig from using that name , who was a former fan club of The Sisters of Mercy, what impressed me the most was James Ray's voice, very similar to Andrew Eldritch's. Here in Brazil, I have been struggling to promote, as far as possible, songs on Gothic Rock, Darkwave, post-punk and betting on independent bands, because the copyright policies on youtube are increasingly strict and that's why I'm playing less and less music from world-renowned bands such as The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy, The Mission, Fields of The Nephilim, Siouxsie and The Banshees and other bands that are part of the collection of major labels. In this channel, the main focus is electronic music and flash back of the 80s, mainly in the segment of electrofunk and freestyle, but I insist on posting a video of Gothic Rock, Darkwave, post-punk per month and I also do weekly broadcasts on the other channel, which is totally geared to those who like the gothic, darkwave and post-punk style, since this channel has a much larger number of subscribers than the other, I'm subscribing here too, sorry for the long text, success !! ! Greetings from Rio de Janeiro !!!

  4. Ive been really enjoying your mixes lately and i like the combination of goth, post punk and synth in this one with a couple of golden oldies chucked in for good measure. In addition your smiles and enthusiasm are infectious as always. Great work, love my weekly dose of maus

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