Darkwave | Post-Punk | Coldwave | Goth – DJ Maus Live – July 31, 2020

Darkwave | Post-Punk | Coldwave | Goth Twitch set for Obscura Undead Virtual Club. Follow mauschan and Obscura Undead on Twitch. Music starts at 1:50. Tracklisting is in the comments.

Thank you to my Patrons: DJKenohki, Nicole F, The Sum of M, Richard Krider, NM, Maxx77, Ilga, Gina, Darla, Chappelle, Brian W, Hussey and Conrad!


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20 thoughts on “Darkwave | Post-Punk | Coldwave | Goth – DJ Maus Live – July 31, 2020”

  1. so just getting around to listening to this and it has OH MY GOTH by RIB…Funny that I hadn't heard it in ages and it was played by Gold on the Halloween special for CAD this week as well

  2. I am Having the F**ken B L A S T of My Fall Halloween Season With this! MAUS YOU ARE DA QUEEN. HAIL GODDESS OF MUSIC WITCHCRAFT! XXX We Love You. Much Dark Love from Berlin (Germany)x x x

  3. Weeee! Always love me some Maus mix! 😀 I'm already familiar with most of the songs in here, but it's been a welcome reminder of the ones I haven't heard in a while – Blaqk Audio, VNV, APB. It's like meeting a lover at the airport after a long time since the last goodbye: it's just lovely.

  4. Obscura Undead Virtual Club 2020/07/31 Music starts at 1:50


    Into the Pale Abyss – Without Light

    Drab Majesty – Dot In The Sky

    Kindest Cuts – All You Need Is Money (feat. New Haunts)

    Mr.Kitty feat. 滲音かこい – Make It Right

    Corroded Master feat. Mr.Kitty – No Prisoners

    KOMPROMAT – Niemand

    Boy Harsher – Send Me A Vision HQ

    Wingtips – The Eye That Follows Suit

    Blaqk Audio – First to Love


    Gulf Blvd – Grave Desire

    GRoost – Howl

    Matte Black – Pure

    VNV Nation – When is the Future

    Panic Lift – When Euphoria Ends

    Misanthropix – Dark Thrill

    The New Division – Vicious

    Tulipe Noire feat. Scary Black – Never Let Go

    KANGA – Going Red

    Mondträume – Life is Short

    Street Cleaner – Better The Devil You Know

    AGLORY – Nyctophilia

    ZHU, Nero – Dreams

    Faderhead – Escape Gravity MAUSVID

    Gress – Mind

    S Y Z Y G Y X – Eye of the Beholder

    GUNSHIP feat. Tim Cappello and Indiana – Dark All Day

    Christian Death – Sleepwalk (Lights of Euphoria remix)

    Razed in Black – Oh My Goth!

    Apoptygma Berzerk – Starsign

    Colony 5 – My world

    Seelennacht – New Visions

    She Hates Emotions – Edge Of The Night

    Panic Priest – Lonely City

    † Carpenter Brut † TURBO KILLER † Official Video †

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