Delta Rae – Bottom Of The River [Official Music Video]

“Bottom Of The River” by Delta Rae from Carry The Fire, out now. Directed by Lawrence Chen. Special thanks to the Phi Beta Sigma Step Team, Defmo and …

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  1. What's weird is that the song was on my recommended on yt and the first thing I imagined was a woman being carried to be executed for witchcraft but taking control and killing everyone in the end. But the song I was listening to was audio only, and for a long time I didn't even know the video existed until I looked it up just now. And I don't know how to feel about that.

  2. I remember when i was young me and my sister would take turns playing music on the family computer and she would play this one. I haven’t heard it in a hot minute, this and the one where they are on a boat and they like hide a body or something.

  3. Jesus Christ is the True God emporer of mankind. He is the Son of God who died, was buried, and rose again in accordance with the prophecies told about him. Isaiah 53 being one of them

  4. I always thought this song was about a witch, but my mother on the other hand who was pagan for a very long time thinks of this as a song about murder. She believes that the lady drowned a man in the river and instead of meaning her own son she meant one of gods sons. So the idea is she drownd a man, or son of God and is now being arrested. From my moms point of view anyways. It's probably a song about a witch hence the mirror and black eyes, but still thought it was a cool idea. If she was a witch maybe this resembles her leading the villagers to there death by entrancing them into walking into the river after they captured her.

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