Do Goths Care If You Dress in Goth Clothing If You’re Not Goth?

 Do Goths Care If You Dress in Goth Clothing If You’re Not Goth?


Angela Benedict

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  • I don't know, I at one point might have cared if they call themselves goth, but I'm starting to realize that maybe denying being goth is the most goth thing of all, and they're just too goth for me.

  • I love Goth Rock, Dark wave and it molded my aesthetic, but to be honest I mostly listen to music under he Industrial,Punk ,Metal and even Techno umbrella mostly because aggrotech being my gateway into that. Despite liking Sisters of Mercy, Clan of Xymox, Children on Stun, older Sisters or Mercy, Lebanon Hanover, Twin Tribes, Faith in the Muse, I don’t feel GOTH goth etc .I think it’s an element of my lifestyle as I naturally gravitate to darker things, me and my boyfriends walk through cemeteries, he’s more into Vintage wear in a dark color palette, and listens to old Jazz, & blues like , Bilie Holiday and 70’s records like the Isely brothers but has Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, David Bowie and Ministry Records and loves 60’s rock n roll music. We get called Goth by people, but he wears brown sometimes and I look very 2002 Hot topic-core 😂

  • Emo pink haired posers claim to be goth 😂

  • First time I’ve heard another goth apart from myself actually say they don’t care about what other people wear. Honestly I think it’s weird that people are bothered by it, but I agree about the apology part. I got years of abuse for being this way and all of a sudden it’s an “aesthetic”. But do I care about the look of other people? Absolutely not.

  • As a cowboy that dress in dark clothes thanks people think I’m a emo cowboy I’m just different bruh

  • I say I'm a wanna be goth

  • honestly dress gothic dude idc the aesthetic is super cool! but your not goth you just like gothic fashion lol, but it is a honest mistake usually so to me idrc

  • I listen to different types of music including goth and I dress goth, Does that give me the right to call myself a goth? I feel like it's a grey area when you listen to multiple different types of music and I find it difficult to fit into any music based subculture because of this…

  • You can do literally whatever you want as long as you aren't hurting anyone else. Nothing matters, have fun

  • I dont really care. But like the issue is. Goth is a life style. And there are many subgenres. So if you wear goth say you like the style and love to wear it but you are not goth. But i try not to be judgemental toeards people because for me it wasnt easy to become goth. At first i had to pretend that it was only a costume. I was scared and didnt feel safe to become the thig everyone hated. I was already in an unsafe space. So when someone doesnt understand the lifestyle but likes it i leave them be and ask them if they need help. Im not only goth. Im kinda in every alt scene. I like the mix. But i try to help people.

    But then theres people that are way to proud of it. But they don't understand goth. Refuse to understand it. Are completely toxic towards actual goth people. Just completely get it wrong. And are more mainstream than goth. Bt they are like 'look at me im so cool'. Kinda what happened when the Wednesday series came out. I loved the attention the goth culture got but there were so many people that make fun of us for being weird or creepy but think wednesday is quirky. Double standards. Its like people wanting to be grunge but not actually doing the grunge life style. Like i love when people get inspired by other cultures/genres. But you cant call ypurself a gpth/grunge person when you only wear the fashion.

  • And what if I gave up the goth look for work reasons. But I listen to goth 😂

  • I like dressing goth for the fun of it and I’m doing it for halloween. I’m going all out into the romantic goth look with friends but I am not goth at all and I know I’m not goth bc I don’t listen to the music. I mean I only like one band “the cure” but I feel like I’m still not goth lol bc I know the cure is more basic mainstream goth rn. I feel like you have to dig deeper into the music rather than just what’s most popular rn. For example my chemical romance in emo culture. Mcr in my opinion is like so basic and I feel like to be emo you dig more deeper into other emo bands. I’m an emo bc I love emo music and I’m more passionate about emo. Me only liking the cure still doesn’t make me feel like I’m a goth bc it’s only one band and I’m not into the rest bc I’m not THAT passionate about it. It’s like someone dressing emo for fun but only saying they like one band like mcr and nothing else. Idc if people dress emo I think it’s flattering lol. Me personally I like mcr but they are like the most basic emo band and I think there’s better emo bands out there. The point is that I’m saying that I don’t think it makes you a part of a subculture just bc you like only one band and not the rest and not that passionate into it. Goth at heart is loving all of the music and genre and the feel for the entire thing I guess. Idk how to explain it. Same with emo. I’m emo not goth but goths are so fun to dress as. Being goth or emo is who you are and more than just dressing the part. Looking the part is just a plus.

  • I'm a metalhead but I've been mistaken for goth from non goth ppl. But I think there's a lot of crossover between the two.

  • I would love to be a goth…but i dont quite know how…because 1) im broke 2) i dont have very much dark clothing 3) i can be pretty happy and hyper, and im rarley able to keep a straight face for more than a minute 4) i dont quite know how to properly do goth makeup that my mom would allow me to wear to school 5) im a trans male, so i would probably lean more towards masculine versions of outfits, 6) i don't quite know if goths should act a certain way, or if there isnt a specific emotion or actions, and 7) i dont know very many goth songs…….do you have any advice or tips i could use?

  • I like the goth style and I have mixed it into my own style. But I’d never call myself goth cuz I am not. So it’s really nice to see you putting that out there. I agree with all of what you said.

  • Want a hottie goth wife soon,women need 💕

  • i've been goth since 1988 but my sister isn't and she dresses goth a lot.

    my fashion sense has rubbed off on her.

  • 100000%

  • Exactly! You can’t OWN a subculture it’s everyone’s to share!

  • I don’t like the music affiliated with this culture, but I love the aesthetic and the fashion.

  • I was worried about offending actually goth people for dressing like that because i really like it but i just like thr style the music isn't my thing and anxiety go brrr

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