Dominion- End Of All This ( Filipino Goth Rock Band)

Dominion is a rock band originally formed in Manila, Philippines in 1994. The band was formed due to the increasingly distaste on that era’s musical trends and …



  • OMG…I loooooooove this
    Greetings er im Germany.

  • I have seen them Live – they are good. Very old-school original 80's goth in the veins of Sisters of Mercy and The Mission. They are better now than they used to be when they played at Club Dredd. But THEY ARE  NOT THE ONLY pinoy goth band. For someone who grew up in the 80's, one of the most definitive bands of the genre is Identity Crisis. There are also other bands like The Sake, The Sequel and Mere Mercy, although I think they disbanded a long time ago. Another Death-goth band worth mentioning is Sea of Rains if you're into Symphonic Doom-goth. There is another band from Cebu famous for it's undertoned deep vocals but does not really play goth exclusively; check out the song Idle Hands by Sheila and the Insects. And of course there are those poser goth-wannabe bands – thinking that if they dress goth it automatically makes their music goth. Plenty of poser bands, you'd know which ones if you're not already a poser yourself.

    This is general comment and is not intended as a reply to the previous comment.

  • hindi ko alm na may ganitong kagaling na banda dito sa pinas i've never heard anything sounds like SISTERS OF MUSIC galing nitong banda na to sana buo pa kya ngyun to

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